Alexander Jordan

Alex Jordan
slider or a hero image

Should I Use a Slider Or A Hero Image On My Homepage?

As a company or brand, your website is everything to the success of your business — the essential platform from which users will visit to learn about your offerings, and purchase a service or product, etc. And along with the copy on your site, the graphics and how well they speak to your brand identity, […]
Top signs your website is outdated

Top Signs Your Website Is Outdated For 2021?

Your website is an essential platform to your business, creating a direct channel of sales and revenue, as well as an outlet for communication with your audience. If you have noticed that your sales have started slowing down, or your website analytics are poor, these could be signs that you need to update your website.  […]
5 reasons to hire a marketing agency

5 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency

So, you know you want to take your digital marketing performance to new heights of growth and success, but not quite sure exactly how to get there. Digital marketing in and of itself is complex and  multifaceted, and when you break down all of the different components of digital marketing you will need from SEO […]

5 Mistakes Startups Make

You’re starting up, you’re really excited, and admittedly you don’t know what you’re doing. Well, you know some things… but not everything. Here's 5 mistakes startups make.

5 Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Plugins on any software are meant to enhance the functionality of and add features to your website or project. WordPress, a platform for websites, offers a multitude of different plugins.
Product Schema

What Is Product Schema, And Why You Need It

What about those results that have pictures, reviews, ratings, availability, and pricing? That is called Product Schema and you need to do it.

Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Oh My, What’s The Best Selling Platform For You?

So you’re looking for an online selling platform and wondering which is the best for you? I spoke with two experts in the field about five of the most popular platforms.

What Is A Favicon And Why Does It Matter?

Good question, sounds like that annual conference where people dress up in costumes right? Well, it’s not. Let me break it down for you a little, while also answering that other question of why it matters

What Is D2C?

D2C stand for Direct-to-Consumer. So you might think that this just means the product is going directly to the consumer and that’s it, end of article. Well, that is sort of vague and doesn’t really help anyone now does it? Let's take some examples to learn more about what D2C really means.
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