Derick Michael

Derick Michael

Do Press Releases Help SEO?

Press releases may feel like something from the past, but they’re definitely still relevant to our day and age and especially to the growth of your SEO strategy.

Yoast for WordPress: 5 Must-Have Things You Might Not Have Known It Can Do

Discover 5 uses of Yoast that you may not have known of before — and show you exactly how to take advantage of them.

Listen Up For First Voice Index

We don’t just search with our keyboards or our phones anymore, now, we search with our voice. Google will now be thinking about how to optimize SERPs based on Voice First Indexing.

Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help SEO?

Is it better for SEO to embed a YouTube video onto your website, or host the video through your domain? We’ll tell you the benefits and some possible drawbacks.

The Benefits Of Getting Reviews For Your Products

In a nutshell, reviews are vital for your products because it builds confidence in your potential customers and leads them to choose your product over others.

Do I Need Terms And Conditions For My Website?

This may not be the most fun topic, but it’s an important one and no matter what people think when they see this on your screen, you’re a smart person for looking into this and that means you are doing pretty well. You’ve got a full blown website to worry about! 
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