Victoria Hernandez

Victoria Hernandez
Tiktok For Business

A Guide To Using TikTok For Business

By now we all know that social media offers fantastic tools to establish your brand and grow your business. But which social media platforms should your company have a presence on? One, two, all of them?  We are here to tell you one thing for sure – if your business isn’t on TikTok, you are […]
Social Media

How Frequently Should You Post On Social Media?

Everyone wants to know as if there’s some secret formula of how often you should post on social media to elevate your performance on each platform and yield the best possible results.  (Spoiler alert: There isn’t!) The truth is the answer depends on many factors. While research does suggest a certain number of times per […]
Write More Likeable Social Media Copy

5 Top Tips To Write More Likeable Social Media Copy

We’ve talked before about how to cultivate a killer social media strategy that will help you best utilize different platforms to achieve your company’s specific marketing objectives. We also covered how to leverage social media metrics to help maximize your results from your social media marketing campaigns. But at the heart of your social content […]
Social Media Strategy

How To Cultivate A Competitive Social Media Strategy

Yes, social media continues to seemingly become more complicated and complex almost on the daily, with new apps popping up constantly with even more challenging algorithms to conquer. But we are now in 2021, and your brand should not only have a social media presence these days, you should also know how to take advantage […]
Social Media Data

A Guide To Social Media Analytics And What Data Really Matters

The social media universe offers powerful opportunities for connection and engagement with your audience. We all know how effective social media campaigns can be in terms of its impact on companies’ performance and growth, but how can we drive campaigns that transcend the digital noise to truly reach our customers? The answer is by understanding […]

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