How To Build And Organize A Marketing Team

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In the past digital marketing may not have been considered essential to the growth and success of companies, but in today’s digital-first world, it is by far a different story. From establishing a brand identity and voice that will be identifiable amongst your competition and generating traffic and conversions, to helping your audience find your company and its products or services, a high performing, results-focused marketing team is invaluable.  

While the particular structure and landscape of your marketing team will depend on the particular needs of your business and your industry vertical, there are key functions that your marketing team must fulfill.  We will explore these here by breaking down a marketing team’s  three main pillars, and then delving deeper into the fundamental roles and responsibilities of the positions within a marketing team. 

The Three Main Pillars of a Modern Marketing Team 


You know how they say content is king, right? Well, content is akin to the soul of your company, the vehicle from which you will be able to directly communicate and build trust with your audience. Your content team will be responsible for strategizing and creating all of your company’s content from website content such as landing pages to articles and blogs, white papers, ads, podcasts, videos, etc. 


Crucial to the growth and profitability of your company, your acquisition team will drive traffic to your site to generate leads and conversions. This entails running paid and organic traffic campaigns, managing and monitoring your analytics and KPI’s to ensure that your campaigns are strategically driven and are meeting your marketing objectives. 


What’s a strong marketing team without being able to monetize all of your marketing efforts? This vital function to your overall marketing initiatives and growth of your business involves turning customer lists and potential leads into converting customers who will bring direct revenue and profits to your company. 

What are the main roles within a marketing team? 

Decision Maker/ Manager/ Leader

However you wish to describe this person —  this is the head honcho, the chief of your marketing team who is responsible for overseeing the overall vision of your marketing department as a whole. Besides having the great intellectual capacity to manage the many facets of marketing operations, he or she needs to be a strong communicator and leader with a deep understanding of modern marketing strategy, a passion for entrepreneurship and the energy to spearhead his or her team to get things done.

Website Builder/ Designer 

Your website is where all the action happens. A powerful mobile-ready platform to bring your customers to so they can learn about who you are and what you offer is non-negotiable in today’s digital world. From finding your site organically to begin their customer journey of discovering your products or services to purposefully visiting your site to make a purchase, your website is essential to the growth and success of your business. So, make sure you prioritize your website build by hiring a webmaster who can fulfill this vital function for you. 

Within your website design, you will need a UI/UX architect as well as someone who will actually build the site. Bonus, if you can find an expert combination of these designing and building skills in one webmaster. Website builds are without a doubt essential investments to your business and  therefore, can also be very costly. So, if you don’t want to go the route of hiring people full-time to perform these roles, you can outsource this function to a digital marketing agency that will be able to do it for you with deep expertise and at a lower price than what full-time salaries will cost you. 

Content Strategist/ Creator 

This is the person who will lead and conceive of the vision of your content and editorial strategy within your company. From content like blogs and articles to website content like static pages and landing pages, to ads, social media posts, podcasts, you will need well-written, strategically created content. Having a creative wordsmith, a strong writer who can transform  your marketing concepts into engaging, effective and conversion-making content is a must-have. 

Depending on your particular marketing and editorial objectives it may be necessary to have a full-time creative leader to manage content strategy for your company.  However, you can enhance your content marketing initiatives by partnering with a digital marketing agency to help scale your marketing efforts. For example, hiring freelance copywriters can help you expand your portfolio and enhance the quality of your content. 


Ok, so you now have this great, captivating, eloquently written and strategically produced content. But it will serve little purpose to you if your audience can’t find it. This is where SEO comes in. Key to your marketing operations, an expert SEO is responsible for making sure your website and content is properly optimized to improve your rankings in the search engines and generate traffic and conversions to your site. Requiring a complex combination of technical and analytical skills, this person needs to be able to get their hands dirty, diving into algorithms and analytics —  and even better if they are passionate about it!

Creative Specialists (including but not limited to social media/ podcasts/ video production)

Many facets of marketing are highly technical, run by data sets and number-crunching analytics, but an effective marketing operation that can be truly competitive in today’s world needs to be balanced by immensely creative and innovative minds as well. To supplement your other marketing initiatives, depending on your objectives and business vertical you may also need social media expertise and strategy, podcasts and video production. Hiring creative specialists who immerse themselves in right-brain dominant activities with a passion for most cutting-edge digital marketing, will give your overall marketing strategy the upper hand, helping you stand out amongst the digital noise and rise above the competition. 

Henry Mann
Henry is the Director of Operations for Firon Marketing. He keeps his eye on everything, making sure we're still moving forward and in the right direction.