5 Solutions for Cart Abandonment

Do you know how much revenue you’re losing every year from abandoned carts, left abandoned? The average across all industries for abandoned carts is 75% – that’s huge. If your customers are adding items to their online shopping cart, and then exiting your website before making a purchase, it doesn’t mean you should give up. There are actionable steps you can take to bring them back. We know you’re investing in the marketing, SEO, branding opportunities and content overall, so a large amount of abandoned carts hurts. This is where you have to ask yourself what you’re doing afterwards in order to draw those customers back to your website and ultimately lead them to completing that original purchase.

1. Exit Intent Technology

A pop-up! Are pop-up messages annoying? No, sometimes, kind of, for sure.. whatever your opinion is, the point is that the exit-intent overlay technology gets a customer to stay on your website for just one half of a second longer. In this small amount of time, the offer on your pop-up could be free shipping, 25% off, something to make them rethink their decision to leave without purchasing. You can respond to a customer’s thought that the shipping cost is too high, or you can simply try to grab their contact information for a discount on a future purchase or a subscription to a newsletter.

2. Email Marketing

Emails are not just for bringing customers to your site, but for asking them to come back. If a customer has gone so far as to put their email in, yet didn’t purchase, or has purchased prior and so therefore you have their email address, utilize it! Send them a reminder, send them a discount, send them something that will take them back to your website. Remember to keep it personal. Users today are desensitized to the mass email and are likely to ignore it, so make it an eye-catching subject line that’s personal to that user or the items in their cart. You may grab their email during that exit-intent pop-up too.

3. Text Marketing

Yes, you can also send text messages as long as the customer has accepted. More and more people are shopping online. So, a great way to catch them is right where they are, on their cell phone. You can add a capture for phone numbers in your exit-intent pop-up and/or in your required information for purchase or account creation. You’ll also want to ensure that your checkout and eCommerce experience is optimized for mobile users. Check out our recent article on Mobile Marketing while you’re at it.

4. Advertisements

We’re all familiar with retargeting advertisements right? Use them! Someone is more likely to click on an ad that reminds them of an item they were already interested in than an ad for something they weren’t even thinking about. You’re also heightening your brand recognition through retargeting. The customer will not forget your brand name or the products they wanted after being retargeted. Even if they went with a competitor, they may come back at some point just because they remember your name and the effort you made.

5. Website Details

There are a few details on your website to consider beyond the Exit-Intent pop-up option. This includes a chat function, reviews or real consumer stats about the product, and adding a number of steps or progress bar to your checkout process.

A chat function can have a similar effect on customers as the exit-intent technology, in that it gets the person to think about your site for a half second longer, which could be all the difference. Instead of taking the time to search around your website to find an answer to their question, they can simply ask your chatbot. Your bot can also offer discounts or upsell the customers, send welcome messages and book appointments. Using a robot technology for this cuts costs too.

Providing real reviews of a product, the number of customers viewing the product, adding a popular sticker, or showing how many items are left in stock are all ways to incentivize a customer to purchase. Building trust for a customer is not only through learning what others have done in the website or what others have liked the most, but also you telling the customer details about the product. If they know there’s only 5 left, they may want to purchase sooner rather than later. You can also show the user these details, such as a positive review or a stock level, in that exit-intent overlay technology.

Lastly, people like to know how long a checkout process is going to be. If you have multiple steps and the user doesn’t know where they’re at in it, they may leave. Simply adding a little progress bar at the bottom, or a step 1 or 5, helps put the person’s mind at ease. Then, they can make an educated decision about whether or not to purchase.

If you’re having issues with your website, from abandoned cart levels being too high or SEO not working well, we can help. Reach out to us today to chat or get a free marketing audit!

Victoria Kiarsis
A great writer, Victoria creates most of the content and copy pieces for Firon.