How To Choose A Shopify Theme

Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter in this world. Rather, the way you present yourself defines another person’s immediate opinion of you. This could lead them to write you off completely, or settle in and get to know you more. That’s why we have dating apps focused on pictures and a little bit of text, such as Tinder, Bumble, etc. Picking a product or service to purchase or use is like dating. The customer looks at the website, gets an idea of what the brand is like, reads what other people have to say about the product, and then decides to try out the product to see if they like it or if they want to continue purchasing from the company. So, when you’re using Shopify for your eCommerce platform, the theme you choose is critical to that initial impression that may ultimately lead customers to purchase your product.

More specifically, your website design is a signature of who your brand is. What colors represent your products? What type of general visual representation do you want for your brand? If this aspect of your business is paid proper attention, it will pay off in higher engagement. A customer knows when there hasn’t been enough of a focus on the look of a website. If it looks good, your audience is bound to trust you more and therefore poke around the site and purchase.

What Does a Good Shopify Theme Mean?

The first part to think about seems basic, but is very important: the layout. You don’t want it to be too difficult for people to find what they’re looking for on your site. The layout should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Drop-down menus, quick ways to get to the most commonly hit pages, etc.

Next, you need to think about the type of products that you offer. Do you sell a product that needs to be displayed in big pictures? This decides whether you choose a theme that has a lot of space for images or not. This also determines if you need a theme that has customization options for multiple product pages. You’ll also want to use the colors of your brand and pick a font that represents your products visually. More questions to ask are whether you will need multi-languages, or if you want a blog section. You have to consider all of the different pages that you’ll want on your website to decide on your theme. Essentially, do you need a website that’s simple, or more complex?

With these in mind, you’ll likely want to think about choosing a custom theme – using a developer – or if you will want to find a theme that is close to what you want to which you can make some small CSS (styling changes).

Extras to Consider

In Shopify’s theme selections, you will see themes that are free or come at a price. What’s helpful is to look at reviews for each theme, and see examples of sites using that theme, which Shopify offers. Something else to consider when you’re choosing a theme is support. If you choose a Shopify theme, you’ll be able to use their tech support for any questions you may have. If you decide to go with a third-party, you’ll want to make sure you know what support features are available.

You can always use the default Shopify theme and learn more about customizations before committing to a more intricate theme. You can preview your website with the theme, and change it if it isn’t working.

At Firon Marketing, we are experts on eCommerce design, development, and maintenance. If you need help with your website, from choosing your theme to complete redesigns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Victoria Kiarsis
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