5 Digital Marketing Do’s To Drive More Online Sales For Your Business

More Online Sales

With brick and mortar retail continuously taking a hit, there is no better time than now to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities for your company and/or brand. There are a few tried and tested strategies to continue growing your sales. We’ll discuss a few here that you can hone in on to take your online sales to a new level in this constantly changing landscape. With more channels of sales than ever before (and growing) — don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the best digital marketing strategy to continue fostering the growth of your business and take your performance to new heights.

Read on to learn 5 of our top digital marketing tips to drive more sales for your business!

Develop a Strong Referral Program 

You can spend all the budget you can muster on marketing initiatives to continue trying to scale your company’s growth, but at the end of the day, nothing beats personal references and word of mouth. When you have one happy customer, you will soon have another. Of course, you most likely love and have the utmost confidence in your own products, but praise that comes directly from your customers who have purchased and experienced your products for themselves will go very far to help you grow  a community who trust and buy your products, as well as convert future customers. 

Take every advantage of the opportunity to convert word of mouth into more sales. How, you ask? Using a strong and effective referral program. Of course, we’d love to believe that customers will, of their own accord, want to help your company by raving about your products and help generate more sales. But as we know, time is money and customers usually need a small push or incentive to spend those extra few minutes telling someone they know about your product. This is where your properly placed referral program comes in. Make sure the placement of the ad for referrals is upfront, that the benefits are clear, and that the offer is enticing and worth your customers’ time. If these are checked off and properly set up, your customers will continue to be incentivized to help refer and convert new customers to your company. 

Streamline Your Ads 

Effective placement of ads is everything to a successful digital marketing operation. Your job is to ensure that the right ads for a product are being promoted at the right time and matched effectively to the platform they are being advertised on. Keep in mind that various platforms’ advertising programs work differently. Ensure that you have the right people on your team that know the intricacies of working on the various platforms out there (or partner with experts who have the digital savvy to drive strong advertising campaigns like us at Firon Marketing). While it may take some time and trial error to nail the best placement of ads for your company on various ad platforms, it is well worth the effort and can do wonders to help the growth of your company. 

Know Your Target Audience 

Make sure you have a deep understanding of and the ability to access your company’s target audience. Do not just assume that when you choose to advertise on a platform like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can set up the ads and then your job is done. To run effective ad campaigns, it is pivotal to know who in your audience you are targeting, when to target them and are also very clear on how you will successfully reach them. Otherwise, you may end up with a wasted marketing budget that isn’t converting enough sales for you and adding to your bottom line. 

To ensure that your marketing efforts won’t be in vain, it is essential that your ads are properly optimized to be exposed to the right sectors of your audience at the right time. Again, it is in your interest to hire someone who knows what they’re doing here. A professional who has tried and tested the options is the way to go and even better, may be able to offer you additional insight into facets of knowledge about your target audience you otherwise may have missed out on. So, before you end up kicking yourself for not tapping into all of your potential audience at the right time, speak to our team about streamlining and optimizing exactly who it is you should advertise to. 

Reviews and Testimonials 

Growing your business comes down to cultivating your community’s trust in your company. Have you ever found a product online that you thought may be the perfect solution for you, but before you were confident in making your purchase, you wanted to have deeper insight into what it was like to use and own it in real life? Or maybe, you purchased a product and upon delivery, were shocked and disappointed to see that the actual product did not align with your expectations and looked nothing like what you had seen in images of it online. And along with that product being sent swiftly back to the company for a refund or tossed in the garbage, your trust in the company also went to the wayside!

It is normal for customers to have reservations about purchasing a product — they want to feel confident it will be the right purchase for them before they take the plunge. So, the best way around this to help build your customer’s trust in your business is through the use of customer reviews and/ or testimonials. Think about how you can leverage these essential customers’ opinions about your products, and how you can integrate them into the platforms that you are selling your products on.

A section for customer reviews and testimonials not only helps customers build stronger confidence in buying from you, it also helps create a space for customers in which they can share their experiences with your products and provide valuable feedback to you. It is invaluable for both your potential future customers to help them build trust and confidence in your company and it will offer you precious insights into what you could be doing better for existing and future customers and clients. Having that constant feedback will help you not only stay on top of your game, but continue to innovate and evolve your product portfolio to better serve your audience. 

Active Email Messaging 

Email is and will always be an integral marketing tool. But keep in mind, not all emails are created alike, and when it comes to driving effective email marketing campaigns, quality is always better than quantity. Messaging in your email outreach programs should be customized, streamlined, and active since after all, none of us have the time to waste reading and opening lengthy, irrelevant emails. Consider how you can utilize your email marketing campaigns in the best way to continue generating more sales for your business. For example, reminder emails such as “abandoned cart” emails or emails that compile a customer’s recently viewed or wishlist items may be just the thing a customer needs to go ahead and make a purchase. You therefore, may want to focus your attention on amping up campaigns on emails of that nature.

Active messaging is also key to help convert email campaigns into more sales. Make the most of professional copywriters who can craft effectively written emails that convey the right messaging to motivate customers to open, read and take action on your emails.

Zeroing in on strong and savvy digital marketing sales strategies is key to continue to grow your business. And in an increasingly competitive landscape, it can be even more stressful to feel like your business is flailing and not enough sales are coming in.

Well, you probably have more questions, and we at Firon Marketing are happy to offer you some answers! Talk to us about how we can help accelerate more sales for your business today!

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