A Guide To Getting More Sales on Shopify


Shopify is the ideal platform for launching your eCommerce store quickly and effectively. However, with the market more crowded and competitive now than ever before, you can’t quite rely on setting up your Shopify store and just waiting for sales to roll in. 

Think about how you use your marketing strategy to distinguish yourself from the hoards of similar sites and get word of your products and/or services out to your target audience. 

To get started, you should focus on these three key questions:

Is Your Target Audience Finding You? 

If you are not bringing in enough visitors to your site, it’s time to level up your search engine optimization (SEO). Acquiring higher rankings in the SERPS is one of the best ways to direct traffic to your site, but how can you be sure to get seen? 

One way to land the top spots in rankings is through paid ads. This can be a great way to increase traffic, not to mention conversions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop paying attention to other factors that help you rank higher organically, too. 

Quality, compelling product descriptions are key. They should highlight all the information the buyer needs to know to make an immediate purchase. Plus, you want to make effective use of relevant keywords – especially in product  titles and product meta descriptions. Not only will these speak to search engine algorithms and get the right people to your store, they will make your products more enticing to your customers when they do come. 

How Does Your Store Look and Function?

On the other hand, if you’re getting all the traffic but none of the sales, something is going wrong for your site visitors in-store. A few things could be putting them off that you may not have considered:

Site Design 

A store that looks like every other store out there screams out to potential customers that you just haven’t put the effort in. On the other hand, a design that genuinely reflects your brand and product offerings will not only be more eye-catching, but it will also help viewers perceive your store more positively. Your store’s design not only impacts customers’ impression of your brand, it affects your credibility and how prospects will view the quality of your offerings. If you have other stores – especially brick and mortar ones, aim for a consistent look and feel across all. 

The quality of your images also says a lot about who you are and what you offer. These are every bit as vital for convincing site visitors to put their money where their mouse is as are your descriptions. In a brick-and-mortar store, customers can see and touch the product before buying. When customers shop online, they have to be able to get a strong sense of your products from images alone. Poor-quality ones don’t allow them to get a good feel for the item and will likely have them looking elsewhere. 

User Experience 

Consumers are looking for convenience above almost anything else in their online transactions. Slow site loading times, difficult to navigate pages, and confusing layouts will discourage potential customers before they’ve even had a chance to find what they are looking for. As great as your store needs to look on from a design perspective, it should also function just as well. Choosing the right image sizes and the clearest layouts all play a part in ensuring that your site is properly optimized. 

Sending customers directly to your homepage every time could be a wasted opportunity too. Landing pages are great for motivating customers to find out more about you, purchase a product or signing up for a service without needing to find their way around your site first. After all, 67% of consumers will switch to another site if it takes them too many steps to make a purchase or get the information they want. So, dedicated pages with a call to action button above the fold (the part of the page they can see without scrolling) significantly increase your chances of sales. 

The Trust Factor 

Social proof is a powerful thing and an excellent way to increase conversion rates. With nearly 70% of people reading between one and six reviews before making a purchase you can’t underestimate their importance. In fact, reviews have been found to be the most significant cue for judging the trustworthiness of an online store – even more than their overall reputation. 

And, when it comes to eCommerce, trust really is everything. Without it you will find people much more reluctant to buy from your store. Customers need to know that they are on a legitimate site, that the products and/or services you offer are real, that they are paying a fair price, that they will get what they order, and that you will protect their information. Building trust leads to increased conversion rates, better word of mouth, and even benefits SEO. 

Are You Making the Most of Every Opportunity? 

Once you have site traffic, your next step is to turn visitors into buyers. While not every individual will be looking to buy right away, certain incentives could encourage them toward purchase. Opt-in forms enable you to market directly to interested parties and drive future sales, and all it requires on their part is to enter an email address and/or phone number. Discounts, special offers, and browse abandonment reminders are just a few ways you can follow up with customers to keep them engaged. 

Then, loyalty and referral programs are great ways to turn your best buyers into brand ambassadors as well as aid with customer retention. 71% of customers value loyalty programs as an important part of their customer experience.. Building wish lists can also help you develop a relationship with your site visitors to offer product recommendations and further boost future sales. 

These are only a few ideas for driving up your conversion rates. However, if you are still in the initial stages of getting your Shopify store up and running, you might still be stuck on whether to DIY or hire a designer. Or maybe you are wondering about the cost of building a website. Whatever aspect of digital marketing you need help with,the digital marketing experts at Firon Marketing can help you turn your ecommerce ambitions into a reality. 

Alexander Jordan
Alex has experience with digital customer acquisition in almost every industry.