How To Write Great Website CTAs


As we know, not all content is created equal. But as we also like to say, ‘content is king,’ so it’s important to value and prioritize the messages you are delivering to your audience. It’s vital to determine exactly what type of copy will work best for your business and industry as well as resonate with your particular target audience — then get good at creating that copy and  optimizing it so it can be found by your customers and then keep up with a consistent tone and voice. 

One of the most integral elements of your copy are your CTAs. You can dive deeper into discovering just why CTA’s are so important, but today we will take a closer look at the strategies you need to know to write strong and effective CTA’s for your company’s website.

What are CTAs? 

CTA stands for Call-to-Action. At its core, a CTA exemplifies a certain action or directive you want your audience to take at some point in their customer journey.  A CTA can come in different forms on your website such as hyperlinked texts, buttons, or just text with no link. The right CTA can truly make or break your copy as a whole and either, take your messages further making sure you are successfully reaching your audience or they can fall flat, and will likely not yield the results you want. So it’s important to figure out how to write the most effective CTA copy for your company’s particular website 

Let’s explore how you can use your CTAs to differentiate your website and offerings, make your company stand out and motivate your audience along their customer journey to maximize sales.

Strategies for Writing Strong and Effective CTAs

1. Get to the point 

First, things first a good and strong CTA is concise and gets straight to the point. It’s important to keep in mind the economy of word length and space in the page, and to create copy that aligns with how people typically consume content on a page. As we all know, people do not have long attention spans, so it’s in your favor to keep your CTA length short and the language clear and succinct.

2. Tell your reader what they want to hear 

So, a prospective customer lands on your site and they’re learning about your product and/or service … but they need to know a little more to further motivate them along their customer journey and eventually (hopefully) towards a sale. Use your CTAs to tell customers what to read, what to press, and what they want to purchase by the time they’re done scrolling that page. For example, you could say “read this(hyperlink article) to find out more about why this is the hottest new product on the market and why you need to get yourself some today” Oftentimes, researching something new can be confusing, intimidating, not knowing where to begin. So make everyone’s life easier and provide that information via a CTA today. 

3. Go for the feels 

“Subscribe today to become” “ Join our network today …” , “sign up now and receive x% off”. How many CTAs like this do you see, and better yet, how many of them do you follow, every day? A lot right? Because they’re compelling. They’re telling you what you should do to not miss out on a great opportunity that a brand is offering the consumer, and it should be direct and the reason should be good. Everyone leaves happy, the site gains subscribers and potential new customers, and those consumers get a discount with their first purchase  —  who isn’t happy about that? If not a discount then for that moment they may feel part of an exclusive cool group of people who just found out about the hottest new item on the market. Ultimately how they feel will depend on how compelling your CTA is. Your aim is to hit them with a CTA that will make them want to” click” there, “subscribe” there, “buy yours today”. Because heaven forbid they don’t  —  they might miss that special chance. 

4. Know your audience and speak directly to them 

At the end of the day, if you are not reaching your audience, it doesn’t matter how incredible your products and offerings are; your audience is not getting the message and you will likely miss out on sales. Therefore, it is vital that you have a deep understanding of your audience and the kind of language that will resonate most deeply with them. Then, you can plug in certain types of words into your CTA that will have the most impact on your audience and customers. Also, keep in mind whether you are marketing your content to executive clients or consumers  — the kinds of copy you will see in a CTA directed for B2B customers is very different from one written for consumers, and will likely have a very different tone of voice as well. 

We hope that these tips on writing great website CTA’s have been helpful and that you have a better understanding now about why CTA’s are so important to your brand’s messaging  — and how to write powerful CTAs that will effectively connect with your company’s audience and enhance your website’s performance. You already got the reader there, now tell them what to do 

The right CTA can be worth a thousand words. 

Want to learn even more? Or have other burning questions about the digital marketing universe? Cool. We got you. Reach out to us marketing masters here at Firon and we will be happy to do a free audit for you. 

Alexander Jordan
Alex has experience with digital customer acquisition in almost every industry.