Should you Hire a Marketing Agency Or A Marketing Person?

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If you’re concerned about your marketing budget, you may have read our last article on why you should hire a marketing agency. Therefore, you know that an agency will save you money and give you more expertise than an in-house team. The issue now is that you’re stuck on perhaps hiring one person instead of an entire team, because maybe that would save you even more money than an agency. I know you might think you’re a genius, but we’re actually on the side generally of hiring a team as opposed to having one person for everything.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Business’ Marketing onto One Person

In order to increase your business, you need to market as much as you can. Why? Because getting your name out there, building trust with consumers, becoming an expert in your niche, and connecting with your potential buyers is key to success. Your marketing efforts will likely involve blog posts and content marketing, perfect web design, email marketing, SEO, social media, and paid acquisition. If you know anything about these different elements to a marketing strategy, it’s obvious that one person cannot do all of them.

What to Do Instead of Hiring One Person for Your Marketing?

Here’s another idea for you to chew on, that is if you really want to have someone in house. You could hire a marketing manager and then hire a digital marketing agency. The manager can oversee what the agency is doing, approve content, and give guidance when necessary. You may want a regular scheduled phone call or meeting with your agency in order to check progress and give feedback or ideas about campaigns. If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to fit in a meeting of this sort, or would simply like to delegate marketing to one person. Hence your idea of hiring someone, right? If you feel the need to hire a person in-house, a marketing manager is a great way to go without you personally spending too much time on it and breaking the bank for an in-house team.

But, the catch about this is that when you hire an agency you’re already essentially hiring a marketing manager, so all you truly need to do is assign a point of contact.

Hiring an Agency

When you are hiring an agency, it’s important to look at the different types of digital agencies that there are. Instead of hiring in house, a good long term solution is a full service agency. This will save you money and give you experts in every area you’re looking for. If you hire a full time marketing team (or even that marketing manager we discussed earlier), you may end up paying them to surf the internet or stare at the wall. There are times when the ads have been set up, the content scheduled, and there’s a lull. While your in-house team is resting and being paid, your agency is still working on other clients. This saves you thousands of dollars every year that can go toward more inbound or outbound marketing campaigns!

If you’re considering hiring a single person to be your full time marketing guy, you might want to rethink that decision. A full service online marketing team will go a long way, much further than hiring a full time someone. With a larger team, you get experts who handle exactly what you want and need to get your brand out there. In the process, you get more for your money.


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