Marketing Tips During The Coronavirus

Coronavirus is sweeping across the PLANET both in diagnosis and in panic. It’s canceling or postponing events from sports to music, it’s sending employees to their couches to work, and it’s cleaning out grocery stores. I spoke with our team of experts here at Firon Marketing to determine the answer to your biggest question right now. How can you, someone who’s devoted to marketing your product, make the best of what’s going on right now?

Before I go into any of this, I want to talk a second about your company messaging and branding. The reality is that the old way of selling is no good. You can’t just offer discounts and expect people to flock to you and purchase. What matters now, especially when our tools are limited, is your brand and message. You may have to rebrand during this time and try something new. Instead of saying “come buy”, try using a sympathetic approach or tell your audience more about your company’s story. If you shove “buy, buy, buy” into their screens, they won’t be convinced especially without a desire to make purchases in the first place, even with discounts. Now, I do mention deals below, but instead of thinking of them as that, let’s shift the perspective. Your attitude needs to be about how to help your customers get through this pandemic with its economic downturn, loss of jobs and spirit. After this is over, people are more likely to remember that your company took out a loan in order to provide meals to kids out of school than if you gave customers 40 percent off, for example.

What Tools Should I be Using?

A great way to hopefully entice customers to buy without even having a typical CTA is through your content. What video content are you making? What image is your brand showing? Are you sharing other people’s videos and engaging with the community at large? Use this time to grow your presence on social media. The better messaging right now will be created through the lens of helping customers.

Since people are at home, you’re going to want to ramp up your use of emails and social media tools. If you sell a product, like I mentioned, now is the time to offer some online deals using email and social media. If someone has recently purchased, hit them with an email a few days later offering a great deal if they buy again. Use email to make your customers aware that you’re doing what you can right now. You’re giving them a break when outside forces aren’t. You might’ve seen in some car commercials recently the offer to not have a payment due for six months if the customer has lost their job because of the coronavirus. It’s examples like this that  you can use as inspiration for your own approach, which you can promote and share via email and social media.

We can also assume that people working from their homes may be scrolling through social media a little more. Therefore, take advantage of it and post every day, multiple times a day, with updates on your products, discounts, or entertainment for your audience with news or other topics of interest to your customers. Invest a little more in your social ads, too. You never want people to forget your name, or surface from this and second guess whether they needed you in the first place.

Keep your audience engaged so that when everything goes back to normal, they remember your efforts during the hysteria. And, they’ll still be signed up to receive your services or excited to get the package in the mail with your product. P.S. If you’re thinking about how to keep selling and shipping your product, check out our article on Marketplaces Beyond Amazon.

What if My Services are No Longer Needed?

If your services are no longer needed in the present, start selling the future. What’s happening now is temporary. If you’re in the sports industry, remember that there will be more games in the fall. If you work for a museum that’s been closed, you can keep visitors informed about what upcoming exhibits are in the works. If you have products that aren’t needed right now, start selling the ones for the future and offering big savings. Again, if you can’t help your customers defer payment or set up a payment plan, then plain discounts are the best route here.

You can always update your audience about various cancelations or other news, whether it’s about events happening now or in the future. For every industry, there’s bound to be questions your customers need answers to. If there’s been a massive disruption that makes you wonder what you can offer now, it’s time to think outside of the box. Sell the future, sell it at a discount, and keep your audience informed about what’s going on both for today and tomorrow.

Think About Your Staff and Other Opportunities

What can you do during this time to use your staff and yourself in other ways? Keep in mind that every employee has a unique skill set and here’s an opportunity to see how they can use it in other ways. Or, maybe there’s something you didn’t know one of your employees could do. Here’s a few ideas of tasks to work on during this hiatus:

  • Work on backlinks, side projects, or enhancing partnerships.
  • You could also reevaluate your marketing efforts, double checking that each tool is being utilized fully and efficiently.
  • Take a look at your competition and see what they’re doing.
  • Reach out and listen to your audience’s needs right now. Any recent negative reviews that need to be dealt with?
  • Spend some time making sure you’re on track with your budget, and determine ways to cut back temporarily during this interruption in services.

This is no time to take a break from doing your work and marketing your product. Unless you’re sick with the flu. If not, take this work-from-home time to reinvest in marketing avenues such as email marketing, social media presence, and social ads. Also, see what side projects you can get a jump on while you have the time.

Any other ideas? Here at Firon Marketing, we’re still working at full capacity while the coronavirus is out there shutting people down. Need some extra help right now? Or is this making you aware of how badly you needed marketing services before? Reach out to us and we’ll help you out, even if it’s computer to computer for now.

Victoria Kiarsis
A great writer, Victoria creates most of the content and copy pieces for Firon.