Safe Fonts For Google

Have you ever considered what the font of your website should be? Likely you have, but the important question is why you consider it, and what factors you should be aware of. You may have thought only about what would most represent your brand, what you personally find appealing, and what is easily readable for your customers. You didn’t do anything wrong there, except maybe you forgot about your good old friend Google.

Yes Google reads your website of course, and you want to make sure that it can read it – but the robot of Google doesn’t have an eye problem. It’s actually more about the loading speed of your site. You want your website to load quickly and properly for your customers, and if your font is not compatible with Google’s operating system, then the load time will be delayed and your customers may exit from impatience and you may not – certainly will not – rank as well in Google. Or, they’ll think you aren’t as professional or capable as other companies.

Website loading speed is not just key for a customer’s positive experience. As I alluded to earlier, your website loading speed is an important part of your SEO strategy. Why? Because of your ranking. Google uses your site speed in order to determine where it will place you on the SERPs, in fact it’s one of the primary factors for where you will rank. It would give Google a bad name to put a very slow website as the top hit, even if the page doesn’t have what you’re looking for. I suppose we customers value speed over everything today! You’ll see in your data though that the slower your website loads, the less your customers will do on your site. Therefore, Google knows that that is a main element when it prioritizes who to show to consumers. Of course more contributes to page speed and SEO than your choice in a font, but it’s an often overlooked part of site speed that’s good to know. And now you do!

Still, let’s say you are absolutely dying to use some crazy font, or maybe for some random reason it’s actually necessary to use a funky font on your site. In this case, you need to know that if the font you chose is not available on all operating systems (iOS, Google, etc.) then you need to make sure you input a backup font. Then, the software will know to default to the Times New Roman or whatever your fallback is. This is not recommended though, as again it’s better for your loading speeds if you up front choose a font that is overall web-safe. If you have a fallback font, it will inevitably delay your page’s loading speed. You may think your options are limited, but they’re not. Not only does Google now have selections of fonts to choose from (although again, it’s best to double check if they’re compatible with other software such as iOS), but we’ve listed twenty below:










Open Sans












Times New Roman















Comic Sans





PT Sans







*The always bolded font..













So, which will you go with? Even with these options, there’s some variance and fun in them. You don’t have to hate the way your website looks, in fact you shouldn’t! If you’re struggling at baseline with creating your own website or loving the way it looks, we can help. Simply reach out to us and we can take care of a complete website design or redesign for you, among other marketing-related tasks such as an SEO overhaul. We even offer free digital marketing audits with no strings attached, just so you can see at least where you stand.

Derick Michael
Derick lives and breathes SEO. Creating organic ROI comes easy to him.