5 Tips And Tricks You Should Be Utilizing In Google AdWords

5 Tips And Tricks You Should Be Utilizing In Google Adwords

If you’ve got a handle on some basic tricks of the Google AdWords trade, you don’t have to invest nearly as much time and effort as you might be thinking you do. Google AdWords are an incredibly effective tool when it comes to marketing your products and services, so it is worth figuring out how to use them in the best way possible. Today I’ll give you some tips that’ll help you maximize your utilization of Google AdWords while also saving you more stress than is necessary with this tool.

Track Conversions – Track Keywords

A business that doesn’t take a look at their inventory to see what’s working and what’s not will likely not survive – or they’ll have dumb luck. It’s imperative in any operation to be paying attention to the failures and the successes in order to improve upon your strategy over time – based on what you’ve seen. Same thing with Google AdWords. If you do not look at what ads, and keywords, are leading to conversions and which aren’t, you’ll just be flying blind. You’ll eventually crash and wonder why.

Tracking this information will increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and ultimately improve your overall marketing campaign. This will tell you how it’s going with lead generation and sales, which is the reason you’ve turned to digital marketing in the first place. See what’s working and what’s not, and then give the people what they want!

Little Secret: Remarketing

You may not know, but remarketing your Google AdWords campaigns for cost-per-click (CPC) can increase your ROI too! Cost-per-click is a great way to save money, and also find the audience that you’re trying to target. Those that click on your ad are interested, of course, and thus are giving you knowledge of potential leads/sales. Remarketing also applies to using cookies. If you set up an audience – people who have gone to a certain page on your site, or just generally visited your site, up to you – then a cookie is dropped and ads will follow them around everywhere they go! As always, you’re getting the word out there more, which is the point.

Audience Targeting

With Google’s display and search campaigns, you can definitely reach specific audiences. But, there’s an even better option from Google for targeting your audience: Custom Intent campaigns. You can either build your own audience, or Google will learn what you’re going for and create a list for you. Plus, it’ll also incorporate visitors of your business, site, or ads and retarget them.

Affinity and demographic targeting are valuable to know as well. Affinity targeting will target people with specific likes, dislikes, lifestyle choices, and purchase history. Demographic targeting will ensure that your message is going to those of the right age or gender that you’re marketing to. Last thing you want is for your ad to be shown to the wrong people, and with Google AdWords audience targeting technology, you won’t have to worry about that.

Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads are the thing that will save you so much time and effort! You create one superhero ad and its superpower is shape shifting! This ad can adjust to whatever platform its on – size, shape, definition, format, etc. – to fit the requirements. If you’re wondering, yes, the ad may look different then, depending on where it is. If it needs to be larger, it may have more images on it than when it’s smaller and needs to be rid of the images to conserve space. Perhaps on the smaller ad will be larger font and more compelling words. Like I said, it’s a superhero ad.

Auction insights

It might not always be fun to compare yourself to others, but for your ad campaigns it may be extremely beneficial. You can use auction insights to see how well you’re doing compared to your competitors in the same ad space. This means that you can identify what keywords are competitive, and what will actually help you rise in the Google ranks.

Instead of just shoveling money into the pit of Google AdWords, be smart about Google AdWords. It’s far better to be strategic and save! If you’re looking at your Google AdWords campaigns and thinking, “we could use some more of those tricks,” come talk to us and we can help.

Pia Victoria Silagan