Top Ideas For Using Video To Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

Video Email

You may already know that email marketing is one of the most important vehicles of communicating with your audience to foster trust, and drive stronger relationships and customer retention. From being able to send focused, personalized content to specific groups with your audience to up your chances of engagement, using links and CTAs in emails to compel your audience to take action, and offering measurable results you can easily monitor and track to adjust your strategy as you go, email marketing is a crucial element of your overall marketing operation.

But it’s time to take things up a notch and gear up your marketing efforts to new levels of success. 

Want to know how you can up your email marketing game in 2021 even more to increase and enhance engagement with your audience like never before? Videos. That’s right. 

Think about it, what is more bold, eye-catching and entertaining than video content? Let’s face it, in this digital first, fast-paced world, people’s attention spans aren’t getting any longer. A lot of prose probably is’t always the most engaging or exciting way of communicating with your audience. Your goal after all, is to attract the attention of your target audience, and maintain it so you can turn viewers into customers, and customers into returning and loyal customers. By their nature, videos are much more stimulating and offer an engaging way of expressing information to your audience with the ability to dramatically amplify your email’s click-through-rate. 

And the numbers speak for themselves. According to sources, 80% of marketers view their marketing efforts as a key factor to their marketing operations, and 83% of businesses incorporate video content into their marketing strategy. 

So, what are some of the best ways to use video content in your email marketing? 

1. Create an Impactful, Personalized Experience using online video editors

The addition of videos into your email marketing efforts allows you to cultivate a much more engaging, and personalized experience for your audience and customers. Do you have a lot of video content on your site? Well, don’t limit them to the pages of your site! Based on careful analysis of the behaviors and patterns of your customers on your site, consider the best videos to include in emails and cater a selection of video content to your customers and subscribers to help them build a deeper understanding of your products and offerings, or lead them along the customer journey. 

If you don’t have lots of videos ready to go, then think about creating them. There are lots of easy online video editors that let you create noticeable videos with a professional touch. Video gives you the best possible chance of breaking through to your audience.

2. Bonus Content for Subscribers 

Video content is one of the best ways of piquing the interest of new potential customers and captivating your current customers. Excite current subscribers with exclusive, special content in your newsletters with the addition of video content. Everyone enjoys being the first to see exclusive content or content that will only be available for a limited time. Use your emails as a way of congratulating subscribers on being a part of your community and reward them with content that only they get to see.

For example, if you’re hosting a live webinar on your social channels, you can send emails to subscribers with a trailer to the webinar, offering early access to sign up. Or maybe, you have a new product that is launching soon. You can send emails with exclusive video content introducing the new product, perhaps with a demo of its features and how it works and early raving feedback. Such content will pique your customers’ interest, making them excited about being the first ones to purchase your latest offering. 

3. Market Upcoming Events

Does your company host monthly mixers or weekly happy hours? Or, maybe you host a yearly industry-leading conference for other companies in your vertical. Whatever kind of event you are holding from small-scale, local meet-and-greets to national conventions, using video content in your email campaigns can be incredibly impactful for your marketing efforts, helping grow your subscribers’ and customers’ interest and helping increase the number of potential attendees at your event. 

What’s more effective than sending an email about an upcoming event you are holding? An email promoting your event with a fun and engaging, video trailer, offering subscribers an inside look at what they can expect at your event. It’s an invitation and a video sneak peek all-in-one, a combination that feels personalized, and is incredibly stimulating, and memorable  — a winning package to excite your current customers, convert new ones and grow your customer retention. 

4. A Look Inside Your Company Culture

As customers move through their sales journey from discovery to ultimately making a purchase of your products or offerings, they enjoy having the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your company. Video content is one of the best ways to foster a stronger relationship with your audience as well as represent the personality and identity of your company. 

Maybe, you are a company in the beauty and wellness space, selling herb-infused essential oils and massage oils. You can include videos in your emails offering subscribers a closer look into your process showing how you harvest the ingredients inside your products, or a view of the actions behind the scenes of your warehouse and manufacturing processes. Any way that you can set your company apart from the competition by giving your customers an inside look will be incredibly beneficial for your business. Video content presenting your company culture will help you clearly portray and distinguish your company’s personality, as well as help your audience strengthen their understanding of your brand identity and enhance your brand recognition — which are all key to strong and effective customer growth and retention. 

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