What Is Google Shopping & Should You Sell Your Products On it?

Google Shopping

Online shopping. Ah yes, the digital service that enables us to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of our own home in literally, our pajamas. Heck, the chances are you probably did some form of online shopping today or at the least, very recently. 

Up until Google Shopping recently expanded its services, comparison shopping online was a bit of a complicated and cumbersome process. If you wanted to compare prices of products across different brands, you’d probably have to navigate to different ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart and search each of their listings to look at the product offerings of different brands. Well, thanks to Google Shopping, the process for consumers to shop online is now easier, also offering invaluable benefits for companies and brands of ecommerce products. 

What is Google Shopping? 

Google Shopping is an ecommerce platform that enables users to browse for, compare, and shop for products using its database. With a visually appealing and convenient platform that includes listings across a wide range of different ecommerce stores, it enables a much easier, and hassle-free comparison shopping experience for consumers. In fact, the Google Shopping platform is also referred to as a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). The process to set up a Google Shopping account is also pretty straightforward, consisting of three easy steps. All you have to do is create your Google merchant account, upload your products onto Google and then start creating your ads. It is good to know the goal of your ecommerce listings when you set up your account and your goals will vary depending on your products and the kind of ecommerce store you run. 

As of April 2020, Google Shopping now offers services for companies to place listings of their products on the platform for free. Your product listings would appear either at the top or at the right side of the Google search results. And according to sources, the statistics speak for themselves, revealing that offering ecommerce shopping contributes to a large percentage of companies’ sales. 85% of Google paid clicks were generated from Adwords and Google Shopping. Google Shopping ads work. In fact they work so well, that they contributed to 74% of the total retail search spend in the U.S.

Why Should You Sell Your Products on Google Shopping? 

So, should you post your products on Google Shopping? Absolutely. Google Shopping offers your company a number of benefits to bolster your company’s sales and revenue stream. Offering your company greater visibility, a more user friendly, visual experience for customers and even better tracking of your traffic, using Google Shopping platform to post your product listings is a savvy and smart move for any company. 

1. More User-Friendly and Visually Appealing Experience for Consumers 

Typically, searching for products in the SERPs is a text-heavy experience. Google Ads, also with its reliance on text is not as user- friendly for customers. Google Shopping improves on Google Ads in many ways transforming comparison shopping into a much more convenient, accessible and enjoyable experience for consumers, Besides being a free service, while Google ads are a paid search service, Google Shopping enables consumers to see thumbnail images of your products, prices, shipping and even reviews directly from the listing on the Google Shopping platform. This important information is exactly what customers need to motivate them to make a purchase, and choose your company’s product directly from the Google Shopping platform. Consumers can then filter their results to help find exactly what they are looking for based on price point, size, fabric or materials of the product, etc. Of course, these filters will vary across different product categories. 

And again, the numbers show that consumers are receptive to a more visually engaging shopping experience. Sources reveal that Google Shopping contributes to 30% higher conversion rates than text ads.

2. Greater Reach Among Your Audience and Potential Customers

While online shopping is absurdly popular, and arguably the number one choice of method for consumers to complete their shopping, it doesn’t mean that  consumers are necessarily aware of and familiar with all of the major ecommerce stores. By offering consumers a quick, easy and in-depth view of products they are searching across a range of different ecommerce stores, it means that Google Shopping can help you potentially reach a sector of your audience you otherwise would not have been able to access. 

3. Improved Visibility and Targeting of Your Customers

Google Shopping enables your listing to appear not once as in a Google Ad, but multiple times in the SERPs. These include as a Shopping ad and on surfaces across Google including the website results, and as a text based PPC. Showing up more times means enhanced visibility of your product and brand. 

Google Shopping not only expands your ability to reach customers, it helps you better target your audience as well. You can use a variety of different SEO techniques to ensure that your Google Shopping listing is optimized with strong keywords, and the scope of your audience is adjusted to reach your target audience. 

Henry Mann
Henry is the Director of Operations for Firon Marketing. He keeps his eye on everything, making sure we're still moving forward and in the right direction.