Why Hire A Marketing Agency

Are employees playing many roles at your company – trying to squeeze social media and SEO into the scope of their job? It’s probably time to choose whether to hire a marketing agency, build an in-house team, or hire an in-house manager and an agency. When making your decision, there’s a few key advantages to hiring a marketing agency over having an in-house team that we’ll talk about here.

What does an in-house marketing team look like?

This will vary depending on how large your company and marketing operations are, but here’s a little breakdown of the potential positions you’d need to fill.

If your company is large enough, you’ll need executive roles, from a Chief Marketing Officer, a Director of Marketing, a VP of Marketing, and maybe even a Marketing Manager. Below these will be all of the actual execution positions. Within the creative side, you’ll want creators of content/writers, graphic designers, maybe a videographer, along with a team manager. You will certainly need a designer and developer for your website, as well as an SEO expert to keep your website in the forefront of the SERPs. In advertising, you need a specialist for paid search and other types of advertisements. For your communications, there’s social media experts and executioners and email marketing specialists to hire. If you are a large company, you would want someone to handle all public relations too. There are a lot of positions that may need to be filled when building an in-house marketing team. Some companies may even already outsource some activities such as video or graphic design.

Benefits to Hiring a Marketing Agency

Utilizing a Smaller Team

Why build your own team when you can use an already established one of experienced employees? And, a group that is smaller and does the same amount of work for you. All you’ll need on your side is a point of contact. For the cost of one in-house hire, you can get 8-10 experts from a marketing agency who have knowledge of a wide range of industries. If you have a large budget and a big need, then it may be fine to go in-house, but a marketing agency is well-suited for businesses of any size and can scale their efforts as you grow.

Marketing agencies will also be less affected by any turnover. When in-house, it can take months, even a year to refill a role, train, and have that new hire truly contributing. At a marketing agency, there are often a few members of the staff familiar with your company and equipped for multiple specialities.

Saving You Money and Time

If you don’t have the time or desire to be involved fully in your company’s marketing efforts, then out-sourcing it can be a great option. You don’t have to recruit or manage employees, nor do you have to spend the premium it costs to hire and train multiple employees. When you go for a marketing agency, you are hiring already trained staff for the cost of 1-2 employees.

There are both full-service marketing agencies, like us at Firon Marketing, and there are specialized agencies. Specialized agencies may only handle content marketing and web design. Again, this can also save you some time and money but perhaps not as much as with a full-service agency. One that is full service means what you think it might, one company does it all for you. As long as you and the agency build quality communication, and both parties ensure that the content is aligned with your product or service, then your hands can be almost completely off of the project. If you aren’t the point person for the company, then you could be totally uninvolved besides occasional check-ins.

What to be Aware of with a Marketing Agency

One part of hiring a marketing agency that can have positive and negative effects is lack of brand or industry knowledge. You’re hiring a team of experts for marketing-related tools and tasks, such as content, SEO, email marketing, and more. The possible downside is, depending on the industry and the marketing team, there may be a lack of knowledge in your specific niche. It may be easy for the writers and other members to understand what your service or product is, but if you’re selling a complicated software, there may be some areas you’ll need to hire in-house for. If there’s difficulty here, the more positive outcome might be that it just takes a little time for the marketing team to get a grasp on what you’re selling. Or, you can look for a marketing agency with expertise in your field – SaaS, or eCommerce for example.

The upside to the fact that these people are outside of your niche is that they might have a fresh perspective on marketing your product. This can be especially helpful to you if your company has always used the same strategy. Marketing can make or break a product. We’ve seen major examples of this with the campaign for diamonds that propelled it to the number one product for engagements, and then the fight against ‘fake’ or lab-created diamonds. You can dominate the market with the right messaging and strategy, so if your efforts aren’t working, it’s time for something different.

With any marketing efforts, whether it’s in-house or an agency, it’ll take some time to ramp up the communication and the knowledge base. If you want to save yourself time and money, then going with an agency is right for you.


Thinking of who to hire? Reach out to us to learn more about what we offer as a marketing agency. We also perform free marketing audits with no strings attached, and would love to at least show you where you’re at with your marketing strategy!


Henry Mann
Henry is the Director of Operations for Firon Marketing. He keeps his eye on everything, making sure we're still moving forward and in the right direction.