Why You Should Remember To Invest In Your Brand

You may think it’s more worthwhile to focus solely on your product development versus your brand’s style, personality, and overall awareness. I’m here to burst your bubble, but in a good way. Just as it’s absolutely necessary to invest in improving your product, it’s equally important to invest in your brand awareness. If you have an excellent product without any recognition of your brand in the world, your product’s ability to sell will be hindered. Or, on the flip side, if you invest in your brand, your product will likely sell better.

Why is this? Because consumers like to purchase something they’re familiar with and that they can trust. That’s why most people will choose the brand name dish soap instead of the CVS brand, even though they do the same exact thing and have the same ingredients. If you went into a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, would you be more comfortable ordering a Sprite or a Lemon Lime Rickey? (Nothing personal to Lemon Lime Rickeys.) Sprite has way more people behind it. If you Google search Lemon Lime Rickey, the brand doesn’t even come up. Whereas Sprite does, and it has tons of positive reviews.

Another way to think about it too is about presentation. Let’s say you show up to a doctor’s office with an emergency and the outside has clearly not been kept up, weeds are everywhere, the place needed a paint job like twenty years ago, and you do not want to go in. But, it’s your only option and you’re about to bleed out, so you go in and see that all their money has been put into the medical supplies and beautiful private rooms for every patient and the quality of care is incredible. If you’d had a choice, you probably wouldn’t have picked this place based on how it looked and then you wouldn’t have received that top notch healthcare they were hiding on the inside. Even just thinking about your company’s website – that’s the face of your brand. What do you want consumers to see when they’re considering choosing your product over someone else’s? People’s attention spans are short, and unfortunately or not, consumers will absolutely judge a book by its cover. Having a good presentation builds trust and ensures users that you have respect for the product you’re putting out.

Brands That Stand On Their Own

Yet another reason why building a quality brand and investing in putting it out there is vital.

Think about Apple. You didn’t think of the fruit, you thought of the company. Despite whatever their products are, the brand is instantly recognizable. The funny thing about a company like Apple is that while they’re well-known and their products are everywhere, they have had products that have failed. Obviously, right? But would you be able to name some? Maybe you at least remember when they cancelled the AirPower charger last year, or when they gave everyone U2’s album without asking permission. Point is, investing in your brand can save you.

Because, in a nutshell, you need to have a good product to create a high quality brand name, but once that name is established, it’s okay that not all of your products are going to make it. Investing in your brand name will allow those new products to get started, and give your company wiggle room when mistakes happen or products fail.

Building Brand Awareness 

Like I said, part of building brand awareness is about building trust in users. It’s like what we talked about in our recent article on reviews – when a lot of people know about your brand, and especially if they’re talking about it and can say, “yes I’ve heard of that,” or even better, “I love them!” then you’re driving more and more people to feel secure in purchasing your product. Whether or not your product is high or low quality matters more if someone knows from the jump who the product is coming from. Brands will often launch new products and use the same brand name to make sure customers can see the product is coming from someone they can trust.

There are tons of ways you can build brand awareness. One thing you can do in order to simultaneously invest in your brand and also continue to keep the majority of your focus on your product is by coming to a team like we have here at Firon. Using a total suite of digital tools, we boost your marketing efforts and engage your audience.

Think it’s time to invest in your brand? We can help. Reach out now!

Alexander Jordan
Alex has experience with digital customer acquisition in almost every industry.