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Elevating CareCard's Online Presence to the Highest Rankings

In the highly competitive realm of prescription drug keywords, CareCard faced an uphill battle in establishing its digital foothold. Firon Marketing's tactical shift towards long-tail keyword targeting, bolstered by an aggressive content strategy and advanced SEO techniques, yielded exceptional results. With over 24,000 keywords indexed and a significant percentage ranking in the top 10 search results, CareCard's online visibility has been substantially amplified. This strategic alliance with Firon not only drives traffic but also reinforces CareCard's reputation as a leading platform for medication discounts and valuable information.

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CareCard, the official site for free prescription discount cards, offers users the opportunity to save up to 85% on medications. With a network of over 60,000 pharmacies, CareCard aims to provide users with the best prices, coupons, and savings on their medications. As a new website, CareCard faced the challenge of establishing its online presence and driving traffic and conversions. The primary obstacle was the high keyword difficulty surrounding prescription drug names, which are highly competitive in the search landscape.


  1. Targeting High-Value Keywords with High-Intent for Conversions: Understanding the intense competition surrounding the high value keywords in the pharmaceutical space, Firon Marketing shifted its strategy to concentrate on keywords that represented the highest intent. This tactic was designed to target keywords with a higher likelihood of conversion, focusing on users actively seeking to purchase or learn more about specific medications.
  2. Content Production: Initially, the team at Firon Marketing began by producing a few articles each month to establish a consistent style and tone. Once this was achieved, the content production was able to ramp up well beyond industry standards. The primary focus of these articles was educational content surrounding prescription drugs and discounts, ensuring that readers received valuable information while also being introduced to CareCard’s offerings.
  3. SEO Strategies: By skillfully executing our proprietary mix of tactics, including strategic internal linking, the careful implementation of schemas, and acquiring high-quality backlinks, we effectively attract valuable traffic to CareCard’s website, enhancing its online visibility and user engagement.


Since partnering with CareCard from day one, we at Firon Marketing have driven these remarkable results.

  1. CareCard’s website now has:
    • Over 2,000 in the top 10 results of the SERPs.
    • Over 14,000 backlinks in less than a year.
    • Over 1,000 SERP features such as “people also ask” boxes

In conclusion, through a combination of targeted high value keywords, high-quality content production, and robust SEO strategies, CareCard has established a strong online presence. The collaboration with Firon Marketing has not only increased traffic but also positioned CareCard as a trusted resource for prescription drug information and savings.

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