Case Study: Effective Search Advertising for CareCard - V2

Refining CareCard's Search Advertising Strategy with Firon - V2

Approaching the situation of a high CPL on Google Ads, Firon partnered with CareCard—one of the leading brands renowned for providing savings on prescription medications—to assess acquisition costs on Google and help optimize the campaigns across the board. Throughout the course of this relationship, Firon was able to strategically decrease CPLs below set KPIs and enhance click-through rates—ultimately improving customer acquisition costs for the CareCard brand. With a lower cost-per-lead (CPL) at the top of the funnel, CareCard is able to more predictably increase revenues (in-store redemptions) for the brand and continue to scale throughout 2023 and beyond.

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CareCard, an online discount card for prescription medications, engaged the services of Firon to enhance its paid social (Facebook/Instagram) and search advertising strategy, with a particular focus on Google Ads. The primary goal was to achieve a significant reduction in the Cost Per Lead (CPL) within a 60-90 day timeframe after launching the campaign.


Historically, CareCard had been grappling with high CPL in its paid search efforts, which hindered operational efficiency and the sustainability of customer acquisition. This situation posed a threat to long-term growth and scalability, necessitating Firon’s expertise to optimize the advertising processes.


Firon proposed a comprehensive solution that revolved around strategic keyword targeting and a well-structured campaign to lower costs and increase brand visibility. The solution included the following key elements:

Strategic Keyword Targeting: Firon leveraged long-tail keywords and popular weight-loss terms, such as ‘ozempic’, to target terms with lower competition and a potential for higher targeted traffic. This shift in keyword strategy helped CareCard to connect with a more receptive audience and reduce costs.

Automated Bidding Strategies: Firon implemented automated bidding strategies while setting a target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) to take advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities. This approach provided flexibility in bidding while ensuring that the cost of conversion remained within acceptable bounds.

Dayparting: Firon introduced dayparting, which involved increasing bids during the hours of the day when the most conversions occurred. This strategic move helped CareCard stay competitive during crucial hours, maximizing the return on advertising investment. By putting more emphasis on times where CareCard’s ideal customer was online (and actively searching on Google), Firon was able to improve advertising response in the SERP.


The innovative strategy manifested in fantastic results, further demonstrating the effectiveness of well-crafted paid search strategies. Since the campaigns were launched in mid-April, the following results were achieved:

Significant Increase in Lead Volume: Firon’s strategy drove a sharp increase in traffic and leads to CareCard’s website within a few months of implementation, significantly boosting the customer acquisition process and leading to an overall improvement in CPL. 

CPL Below Target KPI: One of the most critical achievements was that the blended CPL dropped below CareCard’s target KPI. This reduction in CPL signified that the strategy was successful in making customer acquisition more cost-effective and sustainable on CareCard’s back-end. 

Continuous CPL Reduction: The ongoing trend of decreasing CPL further validated the effectiveness of the strategy. It indicated that the approach was not a one-time success but a sustainable method for generating leads at a reduced cost.

Low CPC: The Cost Per Click (CPC) dropped significantly below industry benchmarks. This indicated an influx of high-quality clicks to CareCard’s site, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns.

Firon’s partnership with CareCard exemplified the impact of a targeted and optimized keyword strategy, combined with effective ad creativity. By aligning these strategies with CareCard’s brand values and mission, Firon provided a scalable, cost-effective solution that resulted in substantial lead generation and reduced costs. This case study showcases the immense potential of such an approach for businesses aiming to strengthen their digital advertising strategies and achieve cost-effective customer acquisition—particularly through lead generation via landing pages. 

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