Elite Fantasy

One of Firon’s longest client relationships, Firon has expanded Elite Fantasy’s digital marketing efforts to cover almost every vertical. From developing their new website three years ago to leading a deep analysis into their LTV and CAC data, Firon has been there to build, manage, and optimize. Currently Firon provides SEO, social media content production, social and search advertising, email marketing, as well as custom data analysis services on a daily basis.

With SEO we build a strategy that keeps your brand at the top of Google SERPs rankings, thus bringing quality leads to your website and reaching the highest echelon of brand credibility. We give you measurable results and analytics so that we can expand on what’s working and improve on what’s not.

We go to the roots of your website and find any technical issues that are potentially hurting your visibility, and therefore are costing you revenue. After scrubbing it clean, we use the best tools to audit and monitor your website to make sure there’s nothing else to fix.

Total Organic Traffic Growth: 10x Organic Growth in One Year

Total Page 1 Keywords: 500+ Keywords

Backlinks Growth: 4x+ Over One Year



We manage everything, from creation to production, execution, and optimization of your social media advertising, so your ads never get old and your audience never becomes fatigued. You’ll never wonder what’s bringing in your customers with our up-to-date analytics, and we will always help you reach new eyes. We believe communication is key, and ROI is paramount.

Average CTR: 2.33%

Average CPA: $26.87

Average ROAS: 3.60

Elite Fantasy Social Media Ads

Average ROAS: 2.2

Elite Fantasy Display Network Ads

We have experts in every email software. Based on your products or services, we can work with what you have in place or create a new system with the best software available. From automations, nurturing emails, and on-demand blasts, we have you covered with content, graphics, flawless execution, and tech support. Reach your customers using your lowest cost sales machine.

Average Open Rate: 10.32%

Average Click Rate: 0.35%

Elite Fantasy Email

After extensive competitor research Firon utilizes its client’s brand guidelines to create stunning visual content for all social media platforms that will stand out. We utilize our professional copy-writer, graphic designer, and photographer to create content that will engage your target audience and gain followers at a steady pace.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EliteFantasyDFS/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elitefantasyhq/

We design and develop websites after extensive competitor research and consideration of our client’s brand guidelines. We create a space that represents our client the best and integrate it with the right tools to convert customers, collect data, and track performance. We’re proficient on almost every web platform, can integrate almost any tech tool, and install every tracking code.

Elite Fantasy

Firon provided Elite Fantasy with an entire revamp of their website utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce in order to give their customer base a modern and mobile-friendly experience.

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