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Elevating FantasyGuru’s Email Engagement with Firon Marketing

In the competitive space of fantasy sports advice, FantasyGuru sought to optimize their email outreach. Through Firon Marketing's precision segmentation, branded content, tailored subject lines, and enhanced email automation, a fresh and engaging email marketing strategy was birthed. The meticulous approach saw a substantial surge in open rates year over year, and while there were shifts in other metrics, email marketing's contribution to revenue remained robust. This collaboration underscored the crucial role of personalized and segmented communication in driving user engagement and sales in the digital age.

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FantasyGuru is a website that provides premium fantasy sports content and advice to users. The site offers a variety of features, including player rankings, projections, analysis, and tools to help users win their fantasy leagues.

Firon Marketing makes a case to improve its email marketing strategy to reach more users and drive more sales.


Segmented Email Lists: segmented its email lists by user’s sports subscription, so that it could send more relevant content to each group of subscribers. eg. Users who had signed up for the NFL plans would receive emails about the NFL.

Branded Emails: FantasyGuru’s emails were designed to be visually consistent with the company’s brand. This was achieved by using FantasyGuru’s signature colors, fonts, and imagery throughout.

Niche-Specific Subject Lines: FantasyGuru’s subject lines were carefully crafted to be relevant to the interests of its subscribers. This was achieved by using keywords and phrases that were likely to be searched for by fantasy sports fans.

  • Aim for Victory: The 2023 NFL Draft Guide is Here ??
  • ? Your Winning Strategy: 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Guide ?
  • The 2023 Draft Guide is HERE!
  • NFL Draft Guide, WR/CB Season Preview, QB Target Shares
  • Unleash Your NFL DFS Potential: Grab the Early Bird Special Now!

Automated Emails: moved all of its automated emails and cart emails to Metorik Engage, a powerful email marketing platform that is directly integrated with WooCommerce. This integration allows FantasyGuru to create more targeted and personalized email flows based on user’s purchase behavior on their website.

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For (Jan-Sep 9, 2023) email marketing generated 4.14% of the total revenue, on track with last year’s email marketing revenue share at 7.37%.

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