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Alex Jordan
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YouTube Creators Can Now Sell Products Directly From Their Shopify Store

Do you have a Shopify store and would like to benefit from YouTube’s new shopping features? Learn how YouTube and Shopify integration works.

What Should Be In Your Website Menu?

Having essential information easily accessible while keeping other bits tucked away keeps your website looking clean, & ultra user-friendly.

Marketing is Essential to the Healthcare Industry

A marketing agency will help you get your healthcare business in front of the right people at the right time.
Marketing is Essential to the Healthcare Industry

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing Agencies

Let's take a closer look at some of the key reasons why lawyers hate marketing agencies and what we can do to change their views.

A Guide To Getting More Sales on Shopify

Get more sales on your Shopify store faster. This guide will help you develop a relationship with your site visitors to boost future sales.
Why we started

Finding the Right Marketing Agency: This is Why We Started Firon

I knew I could bring my experience and a team of experts together to create a new style of business that would do more for clients.

Rebranding vs. Brand Refresh: What’s the Difference?

When making a refresh to your brand’s identity, the key thing in mind is that you are not making fundamental changes - you are updating.
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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

It happened! You got your businesses’ website designed, developed and ready to go live out into the internet world and thrive!  For many companies, once it’s been created and launched, they kind of forget about their website, and redesigning it never pops into their mind.  Understandable. We know businesses are busy, and on top of […]
animated person holding websites to be merged

Guide To Merging Websites For SEO

You know the value of having a solid online presence with a website with killer design, compelling copy, and SEO so strong you are blowing away the competition in Google’s results. But what happens to all that blood, sweat, and tears when you decide to rebrand and need to purchase a new domain name? One […]
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