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Our bespoke blend of social media advertising, search engine advertising, and SEO has been meticulously crafted to generate leads and drive success for small businesses across the US.

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Customized Strategy

A unique mix of social ads, search ads, and SEO tailored to your business needs.

Lead Generation

Focused techniques that attract and convert your target audience into loyal customers.

Service like you've never had before.

Join us and feel like you have an in-house team.

Slack Colored

Transparent Communication via Slack and Email with Derick, Jess and Karl

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Monthly Performance Review via Scheduled Video Call

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Live Data Access via Looker Studio and SEMRush

Why Us


Dedicated focus on small businesses

Track Record

Proven track record with measurable results

Organic Search

Comprehensive solutions from ads to organic search

Lastin Success

Continuous optimization for lasting success

Real success stories from businesses just like yours, highlighting our strategies' impact.

Paid Social

5.5k increase in link clicks

56% decrease in cost per lead

11x ROAS

  • Leveraged the power of native Facebook lead forms.
  • Continuous creative, messaging and form format testing to achieve desired results.

Paid Search

30% decrease in cost per lead

150% increase in closed-wons

50.5% decrease in cost per closed-won

  • Google Ads messaging optimization to increase ad relevance and leads.
  • Keyword clean up – eliminated irrelevant search terms matched on the existing campaign keyword list.

Paid Social

Increased leads by 475%

Decreased cost per lead by 29%

  • Hypertargeted audience settings paired with highly relevant creative messaging.
  • Took advantage of the power of Meta lead form ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firon Marketing specializes in a mix of tailored social ads, high-intent SEO, and targeted search ads to enhance growth and lead generation for small businesses.

We leverage advanced analytics and demographic targeting to engage potential customers who are most likely to respond to your business offerings.

Absolutely, we work closely with you to refine and consistently project your brand’s voice across all marketing channels.

We continuously adopt the latest in digital marketing technologies, including AI and machine learning, to keep your campaigns at the forefront of innovation.

We provide transparent reporting on key metrics like engagement rates and ROI, offering insights into how well your campaigns are performing.

We conduct rigorous A/B testing to determine the most effective strategies and creative elements for your campaigns.

We offer flexible budget options designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and financial capacities.

Depending on your preference, we provide regular updates weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to keep you informed and involved.

Yes, we can integrate with your team to supplement and enhance your ongoing marketing efforts effectively.

Yes, we understand the importance of local engagement. Firon specializes in geo-targeted advertising, allowing your small business to reach and resonate with local audiences effectively, building a strong community presence.