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Decreased App Install CPA by over 40%

Increased Conversion Rate by over 47%

  • Incorporated new targeting to reach our highest-quality audience on Meta.
  • Utilized influencer creatives and video to build social proof and improve the authority of our direct-response app campaigns.
  • Tested various ad creatives and audiences to increase relevance, engagement, CTR, and conversion rates.

Paid Search

Blended CPL hit target KPI

CPC decreased below industry benchmarks

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s paid search efforts to identify areas of inefficiency and high CPL.
  • Implemented automated bidding strategies aligned with target CPA to leverage Google’s machine learning capabilities effectively.
  • Introduced dayparting to adjust bids during peak conversion hours, maximizing advertising response and improving ROI.


Increased organic traffic by 150% within the first six months

Over 132% rise in organic leads and conversions

  • Developed a customized SEO strategy focusing on keyword optimization, content enhancement, and backlink building.
  • Implemented technical SEO enhancements to improve website performance and user experience.
  • Provided ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure sustained growth in online visibility.


Grew first-time mobile app downloads by 55%

  • Secured strategic multi-month partnerships with influencers to cultivate trust with their highly engaged audiences
  • Executed a cross-promotion strategy across Instagram and TikTok to effectively engage with segmented audiences.
  • Encouraged raw storytelling to build trust and organically weave in CTAs driving mobile app downloads
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Paid Social

74% decrease in cost per lead for Google Ads

33% decrease in cost per lead for Facebook Ads

  • Firon’s daily responsiveness, relentless campaign production and optimization combined with a strong focus on analytics has been pivotal for us as we experience rapid growth.

Paid Social

693% increase in ad clicks

  • Utilized what’s working well on their organic posts and used them as the content to boost, resulting in a massive increase in link clicks on Meta.
  • Location targeting was narrowed down to the areas where the product is readily available.

Paid Search

3.2 million increase in impressions

  • Switched from purchase-optimized campaigns to awareness ones on Meta resulting in a huge impression increase and more foot traffic to physical stores on targeted key locations.
  • Focused efforts on the Brand campaign for Google Ads to further support the goal of awareness while keeping purchase ads alive.


Open Rate of 56%

Click-through Rate of 2%

  • Crafted on-brand, visually appealing email designs consistent with DrinkBaloo’s brand identity, including their specific colors, fonts, and imagery.
  • Created clear and engaging subject lines for the emails, incorporating emojis for added interest.
  • Excluded unengaged contacts from the mailing list to maintain a high-quality subscriber list.

Our proven mix of SEO, social media advertising, and search engine advertising has been crafted to generate leads and drive success for startups across the US.



We leverage our high-intent SEO strategy and our proprietary link-building production to supercharge your organic traffic.

Social Media Ads

Fuel your sales funnel. Our social media advertising attracts prospects and builds brand awareness.
Social Media
Search Engine

Search Engine Ads

Target high-intent searchers, turning their interest into conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firon Marketing specializes in a mix of tailored social ads, high-intent SEO, and targeted search ads to enhance growth and lead generation for small businesses.

We leverage advanced analytics and demographic targeting to engage potential customers who are most likely to respond to your business offerings.

Absolutely, we work closely with you to refine and consistently project your brand’s voice across all marketing channels.

We continuously adopt the latest in digital marketing technologies, including AI and machine learning, to keep your campaigns at the forefront of innovation.

We provide transparent reporting on key metrics like engagement rates and ROI, offering insights into how well your campaigns are performing.

We conduct rigorous A/B testing to determine the most effective strategies and creative elements for your campaigns.

We offer flexible budget options designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and financial capacities.

Depending on your preference, we provide regular updates weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to keep you informed and involved.

Yes, we can integrate with your team to supplement and enhance your ongoing marketing efforts effectively.

Yes, we understand the importance of local engagement. Firon specializes in geo-targeted advertising, allowing your small business to reach and resonate with local audiences effectively, building a strong community presence.