SEO isn't rocket science,
but it also isn't a spam science.

It's human quality care that takes it to the next level.

Setup for Success

  • Meta titles, descriptions
  • Sitemap, robots, schemas, alt tags
  • Compliance issues (SSL, 4xx, 5xx, etc.)
  • Search console setup
High Intent

High-Intent Strategy

  • Research to identify your pillar keywords
  • Develop topics people want to read
  • Produce blogs assisted by AI,
finished by humans
  • Boost performance by acquiring backlinks
  • Convert visitors with personalized CTAs
  • Update old blogs to fit the strategy and boost traffic (Google This)

Ongoing Optimization

  • Compliance monitoring, updates and optimizations
  • Audits, analysis and management
  • Internal linking and backlink building
Key Kpis

Key KPIs

  • Traffic volume from high intent keywords
  • Backlink number, quality, and Domain Authority
  • Conversions

Service like you've never had before.

Join us and feel like you have an in-house team.
Slack Colored

Transparent Communication via Slack and Email with Derick, Jess and Karl

Calendar Colored

Monthly Performance Review via Scheduled Video Call

Live Data Colored

Live Data Access via Looker Studio and SEMRush

Guaranteed results

2 4

2-4x Organic Traffic in 6-12 Months

Page 1

Page 1 Keywords and/or Top positions for “near me” keywords


Consistent Backlink and Domain Authority Growth

Results that really matter.

No more mysterious high-traffic and confusing activity.
Content Share

Content you can be proud to share


Increase website traffic and conversions


Improve brand awareness and reputation

Rates Sales

Increase conversion rates and sales

Kpis Roi

Guaranteed results for the KPIs that matter (ROI)

Recent work.

Many more that we've been told not to share for competitve reasons.🤷🏼‍️


Increased organic traffic by 150% within the first six months

Significant rise in organic leads and conversions

  • Developed a customized SEO strategy focusing on keyword optimization, content enhancement, and backlink building.
  • Implemented technical SEO enhancements to improve website performance and user experience.
  • Provided ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure sustained growth in online visibility.


Increased referring backlink domains from 600 to over 3,000

10% annual traffic growth

  • Added a backlink program to increase domain authority.
  • Added schemas to content to get SERP features.
  • Optimized content and wrote evergreen content.


5% traffic growth within 6 months

Increased engagement across 95% of the 60+ locations

  • Updated existing content and introduced new content to enhance SEO value.
  • Established a backlink program to increase domain authority.
  • Formulated a local SEO strategy aimed
at attracting more traffic with a higher conversion rate.

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Firon stands out by blending essential human insights with advanced AI production. Recognizing the limitations of AI in creating editorial content such as opinions and complex topics, we incorporate the human experience, in alignment with Google’s focus on ‘experience’ in its updated EAT criteria. This blend of AI efficiency and human creativity ensures our content is not only technologically adept but also deeply relatable and valuable, setting Firon apart in a market increasingly dependent on AI-generated content.

Firon keeps up-to-date with AI and technology by engaging in ongoing research, and collaborating with industry experts. The company also continuously educates its team through advanced training and stays informed through key tech publications.

The billing cycle begins as soon as we initiate SEO work on your website.

Yes, you can pause your subscription for a short period. However, please note that you will be billed until the end of your current billing cycle. You are welcome to restart your subscription at any time.

Absolutely! If you have your own team of writers, we can provide guidance and support to help them create content that is optimized for SEO.

SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” refers to certain practices that help boost your website’s ranking position on the search engine results page (SERP) of discovery platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The aim is to get onto the all-important first page for search terms that mean the most to your target audience to increase traffic to your website.

Ranking high on search engine results is key for attracting customers and boosting credibility, as people trust top-ranked sources. Effective SEO keeps you visible and competitive, essential in a market where other brands are also optimizing their online presence.

It involves optimizing website content and structure to make it more attractive to search engines like Google. Key components include using relevant keywords, creating quality content, ensuring the website is user-friendly and mobile-responsive, and building backlinks from other sites.

Local SEO is geared towards optimizing a brand for location-based search queries, increasingly relevant today. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses with physical locations. Effective local SEO enhances the likelihood of a brand appearing in the local pack, a prominent spot at the top of search results for users seeking local information, thereby significantly boosting visibility and local customer engagement.

Our turnaround time for one blog post is typically under ten days. We have a team of content writers on staff with specializations in different fields. Our writers take about 4-6 days to write the content, then our editors take it from there ensuring brand voice and SEO value.

While most SEO agencies send updates quarterly we typically have updates weekly (or monthly depending on the situation). We are also always accessible by email, slack, or virtual meeting.

Yes, for almost all of our clients we provide SEO services. Check out the results in our Case Studies.