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We believe exceptional content creation is a combination of human ideation and performance validation. Great ideas come from exceptional people and smart execution is driven by strong data.

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Creative is Half the Story

Our creative team thrives on collaboration. We prioritize a deep understanding of our client’s brand and vision, while maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our performance team.

Group 4909
  • -35%
    Cost per Lead
  • +56%
    Increase in CTR
CareCard had encountered a significant issue with the cost of acquiring leads through their Facebook ad campaigns. In the final quarter of 2022, their average CPL was 252% above their...
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Group 4910
  • +8.5%
    Post Reach
  • +6.5%
Recognizing the need for a strategic shift, Baloo collaborated with Firon Marketing to analyze their target demographic and revamp their social media strategy. The analysis revealed that their key audience...
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Group 4911
  • 1.8x
  • $30
Even though Fantasy Guru offered a top-tier service, increasing visibility and return amidst high competition, especially during peak times, was a challenge. Complicating matters, there were account restrictions due to...
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Better Creative Means Much Better Performance

  • -35%

    Cost per Lead
  • +56%

    Increase in CTR
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Creative is a

Group 4918

Step 1

Research of your past, customers, competitors, and comparables.

Step 2

Create a range of photo and video assets to test.

Step 3

Launch across main champion channels.

Step 4

Measure performance and analyze.

Step 5

Strategize and rebuild according to the data and feedback.

Step 6

Relaunch, rinse, and repeat.

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Creative Services

Full content strategy, creation, curation, publishing and analysis across our suite of services.

The Content Team

Experience, passion, and proven success. Meet the team
you’ll be working with:

  • Amanda Kaiser

    Director of Content
  • Grace Chica

    Social Media Manager
  • Alexandra LaRocque

    Social Media Manager
  • Axel Trujillo

    Graphic Design
  • Adrian Solleza

    Email/SMS Marketing & Integrations
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