Performance that is creative

We believe that modern digital advertising excels not just through expert data analysis and platform optimization, but also through standout creative content and astute exploitation of opportunities. The human touch we achieve by collaboration between departments.

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Performance is the Other Half

Our performance team succeeds with data and experience, but they take it to the next level with great creative and strategic input from the rest of Firon.

Group 4909
  • -35%
    Cost per Lead
  • +56%
    Increase in CTR
CareCard had encountered a significant issue with the cost of acquiring leads through their Facebook ad campaigns. In the final quarter of 2022, their average CPL was 252% above their...
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Group 4910
  • +8.5%
    Post Reach
  • +6.5%
Recognizing the need for a strategic shift, Baloo collaborated with Firon Marketing to analyze their target demographic and revamp their social media strategy. The analysis revealed that their key audience...
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Group 4911
  • 1.8x
  • $30
Even though Fantasy Guru offered a top-tier service, increasing visibility and return amidst high competition, especially during peak times, was a challenge. Complicating matters, there were account restrictions due to...
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Focus Can be Everything in an Ad Campaign

  • 74%

    Decrease in Google CPL
  • 33%

    Decrease in FB Ads CPL

Performance is a

Group 4932

Step 1

Market research for successful competitors, keywords, and advertising messaging to identify competitive advantages

Step 2

Build audiences to test on search / social via best-performing keywords + targeting in account (or industry)

Step 3

Build campaigns and QA internally and externally with client to ensure campaigns are on-brand

Step 4

Launch initial tests to begin gathering learnings and feeding data into the platforms

Step 5

Analyze data after 7-14 days post-launch to identify strong points and keywords / targeting that is driving results

Step 6

Continue to optimize campaigns by cutting keywords, targeting, and creatives that are not producing a profitable CAC and hitting KPIs set with the client. Scale our best-performing campaigns / learnings.

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Performance Services

Full performance strategy, execution, analysis and optimization across our suite of services.

The Performance Team

Experience, passion, and proven success. Meet the team
you’ll be working with:

  • Derick Michael

    SEO Manager
  • Brendan Beasley

    Head of Advertising
  • Jem Marquez

    Paid Acquisition
  • Chester Rapado

    Paid Acquisition

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