Case Study: Improved Facebook Cost per Signup for Skillit

Improved Facebook Cost per Signup for Skillit

Skillit, a prominent job placement platform specializing in skilled trades within the United States, partnered with us to enhance the performance of their Facebook Ad campaigns. The primary objective was to optimize their campaigns and reduce the cost per sign-up (CPSU) to enable greater client expansion. Skillit aimed to leverage our expertise to counteract the rising CPSU they encountered during the first quarter of 2023.

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Skillit’s Facebook Ad campaigns, despite outperforming their Google Ads, faced an increase in cost per sign-up by the end of the first quarter of 2023. With a CPSU above our set KPI, Skillit sought to lower this cost while maintaining or even improving their conversion rates. The rising CPSU was hindering their ability to attract more clients and expand their user base, necessitating a solution to reverse this trend.


To address Skillit’s challenge, we devised a multi-faceted strategy aimed at optimizing their existing Facebook Ad campaigns and bringing down the CPSU. This included:

Creative Refresh: We updated the image creatives to combat ad fatigue, utilizing attention-grabbing visuals and integrating punchy headlines directly into the images to immediately capture users’ attention.

Ad Copy Testing: Implementing a systematic approach to testing ad copy variations allowed us to identify high-performing copy that resonated best with the target audience, thereby improving ad performance.

Location Targeting Expansion: By broadening the radius of location targeting, we expanded the potential audience pool, reducing ad frequency and avoiding overexposure to a limited user base.


The implementation of the proposed strategy yielded remarkable results within a short time frame:

Ad Frequency Reduction: From May 1 to June 30, the ad frequency decreased by 21%, dropping from 4.39 to 3.46. This reduction indicated a more balanced exposure to the target audience, preventing ad fatigue and improving overall campaign performance.

CTR Enhancement: The Click Through Rate (CTR) experienced a significant increase of 22%, rising from 0.34% to 0.42%. This improvement demonstrated that the creative refresh and ad copy testing were successful in capturing users’ attention and driving engagement.

CPSU Decrease: The most impressive outcome was the 33% decrease in cost per sign-up from the ads! This reduction in CPSU indicated the success of the optimization efforts, making the acquisition of new users more cost-effective and sustainable.

By applying a strategic combination of creative enhancements, ad copy testing, and audience expansion, Skillit’s Facebook Ad campaigns not only reversed the trend of rising CPSU but also delivered significant improvements in ad frequency, CTR, and overall campaign performance. The success of this strategy showcased the potential of well-executed optimization efforts to drive tangible results and attain business goals. As a result, Skillit is now well-positioned to continue expanding its user base and achieving greater success in the skilled trades job placement market.

Improved Facebook Cost Per Signup For Skillit

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