Case Study: Optimized Search Advertising for Skillit

Optimized Search Advertising for Skillit

Skillit, a job placement platform, collaborated with Firon Marketing to enhance their Google Ads campaigns, aiming for more sign-ups and reduced acquisition costs. After refining keywords and ad creatives, they saw a 46% increase in sign-ups and a 74% decrease in cost per lead, highlighting the efficacy of targeted and optimized advertising.

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Skillit, a prominent job placement platform specializing in skilled trades, partnered with Firon Marketing to enhance the performance of their Google Ads campaigns. The primary objective was to drive a high volume of sign-ups on their website while minimizing the cost per acquisition. Based in the United States, Skillit aimed to overcome the challenges they faced with their initial campaigns in 2023 and improve the efficiency of their advertising efforts.


Skillit’s initial Google Ads campaigns launched at the beginning of 2023 yielded suboptimal results, with the average cost per sign-up soaring far above our set KPI within a short period from January 1 to March 2. This high acquisition cost was unsustainable, especially as Skillit was in the midst of scaling up and striving to attract a larger user base. The challenge lay in achieving cost-effective sign-ups while maintaining a consistent inflow of skilled tradespeople to their platform.


Firon Marketing developed a comprehensive solution that focused on refining and optimizing Skillit’s Google Ads campaigns to drive efficient and targeted sign-ups. The strategy was structured as follows:

Keyword Refinement: We conducted a thorough audit of Skillit’s existing search campaigns and identified areas for improvement. To maximize relevance, we narrowed down the keywords to those closely aligned with the specific trades Skillit aimed to attract. This approach ensured that the ads were being displayed to individuals genuinely interested in their services.

Customized Ad Creatives: We revamped the responsive search ads to be more location-specific and tailored to the unique needs of the skilled trades audience. The ad copy emphasized the benefits of joining Skillit’s platform and highlighted the specific trades they catered to. By crafting compelling headlines and descriptions, we aimed to attract the right candidates to sign up.


Upon implementing the refined strategy and relaunching the campaigns in April, the outcomes were extraordinary:

Increased Sign-Ups: Despite experiencing an 85% reduction in impressions (from 287.4K to 42.4K) on the second launch of the campaigns, sign-ups surged by a remarkable 46%, jumping from 112 to 164. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the streamlined campaigns in attracting the right audience.

Significant Cost Reduction: The most impressive achievement was the remarkable reduction in cost per sign-up. The optimized campaigns led to a staggering 74% decrease in cost per lead.

Efficient Impressions: Despite the drastic decrease in impressions, the revamped campaigns ensured that the right individuals were seeing the ads, resulting in more qualified leads and conversions.


Our partnership with Skillit showcased the transformative power of strategic optimization in digital advertising campaigns. By addressing the challenges faced by their initial campaigns and refining their approach to target a more relevant audience, we achieved outstanding results. The case study underscores the importance of tailored campaigns, compelling ad creatives, and a focus on relevance in driving efficient conversions and drastically reducing acquisition costs. Skillit’s success story serves as a testament to the potential of strategic optimization in helping businesses like theirs achieve their marketing goals.

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