The Team

Here to help...

  • AJ

    Alex Jordan

    CEO, Founder
  • HM

    Henry Mann

    Director of Operations
  • DM

    Derick Michael

    Search Engine Optimization
  • AK

    Amanda Kaiser

    Account Manager
  • AS

    Adrian Solleza

    Email/SMS Marketing & Integrations
  • JM

    Jem Marquez

    Paid Acquisition
  • BB

    Brendan Beasley

    Paid Acquisition
  • RC

    Rolen Cordero

    Website Development
  • PG

    Paolo Gallardo

    Website Development
  • DD

    Den Dapunan

    Website Development
  • JN

    John Ashley Nohay

    Website Development
  • RT

    Raouf Tiliouine

    Backend Development
  • MC

    Mike Cefalo

    Social Media Manager
  • AT

    Axel Trujillo

    Graphic Design
  • JC

    Jazmin Calibara

    Data Analyst
  • VH

    Victoria Hernandez

    Social Media Manager
  • JB

    Jenifer Berong

    Operations Assistant
  • JB

    Jessa Mae Berong

    SEO Assistant
  • JE

    Janna Epstein

    Head Copywriter
  • LR

    LA Reynolds

  • YF

    Yvette Fabrigas


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