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Buying and Selling Space in Email Newsletters

A Guide To Buying And Selling Space In Email Newsletters

When we say paid ads, what comes to mind? For many of us, it’s social media and web banner ads and TV commercials. However, there’s another strong advertising channel that is sometimes overlooked: email newsletter ads.  Not only are ads in email newsletters a powerful way to contact new prospects, but it’s also a great […]

How To Write Great Website CTAs

As we know, not all content is created equal. But as we also like to say, ‘content is king,’ so it’s important to value and prioritize the messages you are delivering to your audience. It’s vital to determine exactly what type of copy will work best for your business and industry as well as resonate […]

A Guide To Selling Your Products To Retailers

You’ve come up with a product, THE product, and are all in on developing the right route of sales, distribution, and making it big. Most companies have the same goal –  hook a major distributor (or multiple) and sell wholesale to them- because after all this is the easiest way to guarantee income – volume. […]
Shopify vs WP

Shopify Vs WordPress

Shopify and WordPress are two powerful platforms that anyone in business and/or the world of digital marketing should be familiar with. If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, you would know that we talk about these platforms from time to time and are adamant in discussing how incredible and valuable they can […]
Link Juice

What Is Link Juice?

We all want the juice – but what is it exactly and how do we ensure that we are getting it? Optimizing your SEO capabilities can be achieved through several avenues, one of which is by acquiring what is referred to as Link Juice. But first we need to understand – what exactly is Link […]
More Online Sales

5 Digital Marketing Do’s To Drive More Online Sales For Your Business

With brick and mortar retail continuously taking a hit, there is no better time than now to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities for your company and/or brand. There are a few tried and tested strategies to continue growing your sales. We’ll discuss a few here that you can hone in on to take your online […]
Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Should You Use It For Your Business?

As a business owner, you are always looking for new avenues to bring more income into your business. One of our favorite, easy ways to bring income into your business is through affiliate marketing. You may have come across entrepreneurs all over the web lauding the praises of affiliate marketing, claiming they have acquired great […]
Person building a website

Designing Your Website Yourself Vs Hiring A Webmaster

As a business owner, you will need a website, the quintessential platform for your company that promotes your products and services, helps you connect and foster trust with your customers as well as build credibility and professionalism. The thing is that as a business owner, you may not necessarily know how to or have the […]
Product Copy

A Guide To Writing Strong And Effective Product Descriptions

In our world in which people now shop online more than ever before, the copy we use to exemplify our products and offerings is also more crucial than ever. Think about it. When a customer is looking to purchase a product online, they can’t physically go into a store to experience the product in person […]
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