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Influencer Marketing Explained

Influencer marketing, which refers to the collaboration between brands and individuals with established authority in a particular niche, is currently one of the fastest-growing channels in digital marketing. In fact,...
Why we started

Finding the Right Marketing Agency: This is Why We Started Firon

After working in various entrepreneurial pursuits over the years, I learned just how important digital marketing is to a company’s success. What I saw when I looked into digital agencies...
YouTube Descriptions

How to Write Effective YouTube Descriptions

Looking to boost your YouTube stats? Leveling up your video descriptions can go a long way to getting you seen by the audience that matters to your brand.  If you’re...
Shopify image

Building a Shopify Store: DIY It or Hire A Developer?

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce continues to be a rapidly growing industry. And despite brick-and-mortar retailers opening their doors again, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time...

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Which To Choose For Your Business

Snapchat and Instagram Stories both boast an impressive array of features for more creative and entertaining ways of reaching a younger demographic. Each having established a stronghold in the global...
Best Website Image

Best Website Image Sizes for Optimal Performance

While content overall is the cornerstone of a well-constructed website, compelling images are what usually draw people in in the first place. Not only do they grab attention, but they...

7 Types of Email Marketing You Need to be Using

Remember in the '80s when your mailbox was stuffed full of postcards, letters, and catalogs from every major business under the sun? Oh, the good old days of direct mail...

Rebranding vs. Brand Refresh: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard the terms "rebrand" and "refresh" before. In the world of marketing and branding, these phrases are pretty common.  Rebrand and refreshing involve making various changes to...
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7 tips on Using Pinterest for Business

How's your social media marketing going for your business? You’re posting constantly on all your social media platforms. You’re engaging with followers, potential customers, and other businesses. Heck, you're basically...
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