Influencer Marketing Explained

Are you struggling to get your product in front of an interested audience? Learn how Influencer Marketing Works for your business.
YouTube Descriptions

How to Write Effective YouTube Descriptions

Looking to boost your YouTube stats? Leveling up your video descriptions can go a long way to getting you seen by the audience.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Which To Choose For Your Business

Snapchat & Instagram Stories are powerful tools to showcase your brand & boost your marketing efforts. Find out which is best for your needs.
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7 tips on Using Pinterest for Business

Discover how Pinterest can help you grow your business. Here are some tips for setting you and your business up for success.

A Guide to Selling on TikTok

Facebook ads? Check. Youtube ads? Check.  Google ads? Check.  Selling on TikTok? Say what?? If you think TikTok is just a platform for the younger generations to make videos of themself lip-synching, we have some news for you. TikTok has serious business potential.  What is TikTok? With 89% of Americans recognizing the brand, we bet […]
Tiktok For Business

A Guide To Using TikTok For Business

By now we all know that social media offers fantastic tools to establish your brand and grow your business. But which social media platforms should your company have a presence on? One, two, all of them?  We are here to tell you one thing for sure – if your business isn’t on TikTok, you are […]
YouTube vs TikTok

YouTube Vs TikTok For Your Business’s Content Marketing

Video, as a medium for business content marketing has exploded onto the scene. It is hard to imagine a world now without the likes of video sharing platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Video creators and influencers have amassed impressive followings to grow their personal brands or businesses through the generation of video content. […]
Social Media

How Frequently Should You Post On Social Media?

Everyone wants to know as if there’s some secret formula of how often you should post on social media to elevate your performance on each platform and yield the best possible results.  (Spoiler alert: There isn’t!) The truth is the answer depends on many factors. While research does suggest a certain number of times per […]
What Is A Brand Ambassador And Why You Should Have Them

What Is A Brand Ambassador And How Can One Serve Your Company?

The idea with brand ambassadors is that your company finds users who actually love your products, who are buying them, and are hashtagging or tagging your band in their posts. 
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