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What’s The Difference: Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

We spend so much time analyzing how and what is driving people to our website reviewing our SEO, results from our email marketing, social media, etc. (Or a combination of...
Alternatives to Google Ads

6 Alternatives to Google Ads

Generating around $150 billion (yes, that's billion with a "b") from ad sales, it's safe to say that Goggle ads have dominated the paid advertising industry for quite a while...

A Guide to Selling on TikTok

Facebook ads? Check. Youtube ads? Check.  Google ads? Check.  Selling on TikTok? Say what?? If you think TikTok is just a platform for the younger generations to make videos of...
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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

You have put blood, sweat, and tears into creating the perfect website for your business. But before you can breathe a big sigh of relief, have you checked your website...
Keyword clusters

Why You Should Be Using Keyword Clustering For SEO

As most technology advances as time goes on, it should be no surprise that Google and other search engines have become more sophisticated over the years.  It wasn't long ago,...
animated person holding websites to be merged

Guide To Merging Websites For SEO

You know the value of having a solid online presence with a website with killer design, compelling copy, and SEO so strong you are blowing away the competition in Google’s...
Why Website Speed is Important thumbnail

Why Website Speed Is Important

From attracting new customers and clients to building your brand, a website is critical to the growth of your business.  You most likely also know that offering a great user...
Website Terminology 101

Website Terminology 101: Learn The Language

Whatever business you are in, you most likely know the importance of having a solid online presence. That includes a killer website. Many entrepreneurs don't have the skills to design...
Website design mistakes

5 Common Website Design Mistakes

It's no secret that if you want your business to be successful, having a strong online presence is critical in this day and age. A well-designed website is key to...
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