The Importance Of Ad Scheduling

The Importance Of Ad Scheduling

Paid Acquisition is a major part of your marketing strategy – how could it not be? There’s only so much you can do organically through social media. Plus, would it be digital marketing if you weren’t purchasing ad space for your company, whether it’s on search engines, other websites, social media, and the like?

Quickly – are you first wondering a little more about what paid acquisition is? We have an article about that! Go read that and then come back!

Anyway, because in this article we’ll be talking about a specific part of your planning ads. When you’re looking at where to place your product, you also want to be thinking about the highest performing times and days of the week. Reminder: this is not something that you will know automatically or even immediately. You can compare this process to your organic ways of growing your brand awareness or gaining customers, such as through social media. In order to find when your specific audience is most active, you need to do some trial and error. You may post in the morning for a week and interact with certain hashtags you’re targeting, but not get a lot of traction on your post or new followers. Then, you may try posting at night for a week or midday, and gain a lot of attention. Bottom line is that after a little while of back and forth and different options, you will find for sure what works, and when your audience is most likely to see and engage with your post.

This is the same for ads. You always want to be adjusting your ads based on what is and isn’t working. You can look at top performers and choose photos and copy based on this. You will also want to adjust the bids according, like I said, to those times and days of the week that you see a lot of engagement with your ad. This can be true whether the ad is on social media or SERPs.

Once you separate out your data according to what are you and your companies goals, then you can determine what hours are the best for your ads. The majority of the time you’re looking for conversion of customers, but conversion for your company may look different from others. This could be anything from an email capture to a purchase. You may want to bid higher at times when you see a higher conversion rate. There may also be certain times that your ad has a higher or lower position in the SERPs. If it is higher, you could spend less here to see if it just isn’t a competitive time and therefore the funds aren’t necessary. When it is lower, this may be an opportunity to spend more to see if it rises up and increases your CTR or conversion rate.

Other examples of why ad scheduling is important can be determined by what exactly your ad is selling. If you’re proposing same-day delivery to your customers, you would want to time the ad to show during the morning hours, when someone has the time to order and expect the package to arrive before they retire for the night. You wouldn’t want someone seeing a same-day delivery ad at 11:00pm at night, unless you and the customer are nocturnal.

Remember to continuously be analyzing your advertising campaign in order to optimize it not only for times or days of the week but also your artwork and content!
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Pia Victoria Silagan