Choosing A Marketing Agency Vs An In-House Marketing Team

Should you Outsource to an Outside Digital Marketing Agency or Hire an In-House Team?

It is a quandary that most companies face at some point. Whichever direction you choose to go in, marketing strategy is crucial to your company’s ultimate performance and success. At the heart of your company, marketing operations are directly integral to the growth and reach of your business. And here’s the thing — the answer doesn’t have to be black and white. You do not have to necessarily choose between committing 100% to using an agency for marketing execution over an in-house team. Depending on your type of industry and business goals, there will be pros and cons to using either option, and it is also possible, (and in some cases) maybe even better to use a combination of both.

As a marketing agency that offers both across-the-board marketing services as well, as partners with in-house marketing teams, we are familiar with the challenges of building a winning marketing strategy — and are prepared to expertly support you in either scenario.

If you are curious about the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a digital marketing agency vs hiring an in-house team, look no further as we will explore them in more depth, here. In light of the recent pandemic that has required us to adapt to full-time, remote working environments, it might make sense now more than ever to hire a digital marketing agency — and become familiar with the incredible benefits that come with it.

What is In-House Marketing?

An in-house marketing team is composed of employees within your company. To build a top to bottom marketing operation, you will need to satisfy many roles including, website design and development, advertising/PPC, content creation, SEO, email marketing, etc. Your marketing staff can be part-time or full-time, but unlike agency staff that work with many brands and clients, your marketing team will be 100% dedicated to your company’s vision and goals. This promotes cohesion, both creatively and operationally as well as transparency as everyone is on the same page and focused full-time on your brand. Using an in-house marketing team also enables greater cross-functionality between marketing initiatives and overall business goals.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of In-House Marketing?

It can be challenging to find people full-time who excel in specific, niche areas of marketing, like SEO and PPC, for example. You may instead try hiring people who are well-rounded in many areas of marketing, but of course hiring for full-time, salaried positions that come with full benefits, etc., will be very costly. Maybe, it would then make more sense for you to hire people part-time to fulfill these specialized marketing duties. However, managing part-time employees can be difficult, as they tend to typically have one foot out the door, continuously on the look-out for their next full-time position.

Also, depending on your business, these more niche areas of marketing may not require the attention of a full-time employee. Hiring a full-time person for such a role may not be a good use of your resources, as they would be idle for the majority of the time unless you found them other work to do, that they may not be able to fulfill or be happy about doing.

Finally, when you use an in-house marketing team, rather than an agency, there is always the possibility that one of your full-time employees may move on from the company. In this case, you would need to go through the lengthy, hiring process all over again though HR to fulfill the vacant position.

What Does an Outsourced, Agency-Staffed Marketing Strategy Entail?

Rather than hiring for full-time positions within your company, you can outsource your operation to an agency who will perform all the same marketing functions as part of an external team. This option is significantly much more cost-efficient because rather than hiring each individual full-time position in an internal marketing team, the agency will fulfill all of these roles for you under one roof – at ultimately a lower cost. Plus, freelancers in an agency are experts in their specialized areas which can be a much better use of your resources.

One big advantage of going the agency route for marketing execution is being able to avoid the HR hassle altogether, including: hiring for multiple roles, training, paying for health insurance and benefits, running background checks, etc. Also, rather than having to rehire a position to fulfill a vacancy if an employee leaves, you don’t have to worry about this when you use an agency as the agency will make sure the position is always staffed.

The Needs of a Remote Working Environment

The pandemic has reshaped corporate working environments and structure, forcing us to adapt from the office to full-time remote, working situations. While companies with corporate, full-time marketing teams may struggle to adjust to working from home, agencies, on the other hands are experts at this! They come with a built-in knowledge of how to run a successful, remote marketing operation, as remote work is inherent to their structure and functionality, to begin with.

Also, when an in-house marketing team moves from the office to a work from home situation, it loses out on the benefits of operating in an office environment. Work culture and collaboration which were once fostered by an office environment would be harder for a previous, in-house team to keep up and maintain as they adjust to working from home. And in the case that you are transitioning to a full-time remote situation, at that point, there would therefore not be much of a difference between using an agency over an in-house team — and as mentioned before, the agency already knows to operate remotely, is made up of experts in their specific areas, and is less costly than a full-time marketing staff.

Could a Combo of Both Be Best for You?

Remember, marketing strategy is a multi-faceted operation, and in some cases, it may be best to not choose at all between 100% in-house marketing over an agency. Depending on your kind of business, overall goals and financial situation, it could be better to outsource specific marketing executions to an agency that supports your in-house marketing team and big-picture business objectives. This may also be the more effective option if you are working on a specific, large-scale project, like rebranding your content, for example.

Here at Firon, we excel in all things marketing. From SEO and copywriting, to email marketing, social media, and PPC – and everything in between, we offer full-service marketing services to help you carry out your winning marketing strategy. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you reach —and exceed — your business goals.

Alexander Jordan
Alex has experience with digital customer acquisition in almost every industry.