5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Performing

Are you unsatisfied with how your website is doing? Do you look at your Google analytics and wonder why they don’t look like what you want? There are a number of possible reasons why your website doesn’t perform well. Below we’re going to talk about 5 of them, and what you can do to help your website out.

1. Your Website Has Slow Loading Times

Loading time is super important for your website, as you can probably assume. Most people don’t want to wait that long for a page to load. Search engines know this. When they crawl and index your web pages, they will take into account whether you are a responsive website. If the loading times are longer than a few seconds, your ranking will drop very quickly and very low. You’re also going to see high bounce rates too, since someone who by a miracle does end up on your website, will likely leave pretty soon after realizing that they can’t see the page.

In order to fix loading times, make sure that all your images and videos are small enough and embedded correctly. Reduce any redirects, and remember that loading times helps your SEO too. Check out this article from Moz all about page speed.

2. You Don’t Have a Site Map

User experience should be top of your list. A website that is confusing, hard to navigate, will see the bounce rates just like a slowly loading one will. A user might go to one of your web pages, but then not be able to move around in an accessible way, and so leave.

In order to fix your navigation, add in menu bars with clear names of sections. Every page that you want a user to find should be accessible on a dropdown menu or a side or top bar. There are also logical places to put social media icons, plus an index of your pages, such as the bottom of every web page. Spend some time in the backend of your website, or hire a website developer/designer to clean it up for you. Hiring an expert is usually worth the money when your website actually does what it’s supposed to.

3. Your Content is Not Good and There’s No SEO in Place

SEO and high quality content go hand in hand. You need to be figuring out what content people want to read about, and what keywords you need to use in order to get on the screens of your target audience. SEO is the best way to gain organic website traffic alongside social media, so if you’re not speaking to search engines, then you won’t come up in the SERPs or get that traffic you need. How you speak to the search engines lies in the backend of your website. You can input what you want Google to read and what you want it to show to your potential customers.

Side note: you should also always be including a call to action at the bottom of any blogs you post, in order to redirect your website visitors back to your website as opposed to allowing them to leave after they’ve gotten the information from your page.

If you have no idea about SEO or don’t have the time to learn, a digital marketer can help you with this if they’re well-versed in SEO. You can also hire an SEO expert or a full-service digital marketing agency. A full-service digital marketing company can take care of your entire website for you as well as other facets of your marketing efforts if not all of them.

4. You Have Poor or Outdated Website Design

As mentioned before, you may need to hire a website designer or developer, or even a full-service digital marketing agency, in order to bring your website up to snuff. Something you absolutely do not want is for your website to look outdated. If the images are blurry, the navigation is poor or incoherent, or generally your graphics and all seems old, you need to do something about it. Times are changing fast, and only the latest designs and technology are accepted by the digital population.

5. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Again, times have changed! Mobile-commerce, mobile web surfing, social media… so much is done on mobile devices today that it’s unacceptable for your website to not be mobile responsive. Mobile friendly websites will undoubtedly perform better than those that are not. You’re making sure to capture a larger number of people by including those on mobile to be able to access your website.

It might be overwhelming as a small business to deal with every part of your website. But, it’s critical to the success of your company. When someone enters your product or service in the google search console, you want to be at the top of their search results. The only way to do that is to focus on the performance of your website.

We at Firon Marketing offer free marketing audits, where we can see how your website is doing now and give you tips on how to improve it. Reach out to us to get started!

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Henry Mann
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