What Does A Marketing Agency Do?

What Does a Marketing Agency Do

Hiring a marketing agency may be just the catalyst your company needs to get on the fast track for accelerated growth and enhanced performance. But you may be wondering, what exactly does a marketing agency do? 

In a previous article, we discussed the benefits of using a marketing agency, exemplifying how a marketing agency can be an invaluable tool to help your company reach and exceed all your marketing objectives. Today, we’re tackling the question of what a marketing agency does, covering all of the kinds of services it offers to give you a clearer picture of exactly how a marketing agency can help your company reach new levels of success.

Why Should You Hire a Marketing Agency? 

If you hire a marketing agency, you have the choice to outsource all of your marketing needs to the agency, so you can keep your sole focus on your business, or you can use a marketing agency as an extension of your in-house marketing team. Either way, you can leverage the expertise of marketing professionals to foster the growth of your business. 

Think about it. As a business leader, you understand how vital it is to make sure your company is competitive within your industry and therefore, how your focus should be on your company’s specific business niche. By hiring a marketing agency, you can free up your company’s time, money and resources and enable marketing experts to handle your marketing needs across all channels of your business, while you concentrate your time and efforts on running your business and operations.

Besides, it can also be difficult to keep up with marketing trends, and the latest algorithms as new ones can seem to emerge every month. That is why it is a smart and savvy move to utilize a marketing agency that is composed of professionals whose job it is to keep up with these latest trends and technologies, as well as continuously analyze customer preferences, giving your company the insights it needs to enhance your leadership and position within your industry. 

What is a Full-Service Marketing Agency? 

A full-service marketing agency offers marketing services for your business across the board, including all of your marketing, promotions and advertising needs and all under one roof. By working closely with your company, to discuss what your business’s goals and objectives are, an agency offers targeted solutions and strategies to address all of your business’s marketing needs and requirements. 

When it comes to picking which services you want to purchase from a marketing agency, you have the choice of choosing different services a la carte or bundling a bunch into a package. It all depends on what will work best for your company and your business’s particular marketing goals. Hiring a full-service marketing agency for all your marketing needs under one umbrella can be a cost-effective solution for your company , rather than outsourcing different services across multiple agencies or hiring more in-house employees to fill in the gaps and fulfill your needs for every aspect of your marketing. 

When you reach out to a marketing agency, they will first conduct an audit or analysis of your business to get a sense of the areas in which you can improve, and then create cost-efficient, customized and targeted strategies and solutions for your company, based on those areas of marketing and your business’s objectives. 

What Services Does a Marketing Agency Offer? 

Ok, let’s explore what a marketing agency offers specifically in more detail. 

Branding and Brand Identity

Your brand and brand identity are paramount to your business, enabling you to create a unique and memorable representation of your company to your audience to strengthen your relationship with your customers as well as be more competitive within your industry. A marketing agency will work with your company to figure out what strategies should be implemented to help you carry out your vision of your company’s brand identity across all of your marketing materials. These services may include helping you create an individualized, and effective brand voice, designing your logo as well as  various graphics for your site and marketing materials, and designing your website to ensure your branding is clear and consistent across your site’s web pages, etc. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO is a crucial subset of digital marketing that helps your site, content and offerings be found by your audience in the SERPs. Think of it this way. You may have a fantastic, user-friendly experience with the world’s greatest products and brilliantly written content to communicate all you have to offer your audience….but none of those things will be able to serve you if your audience can’t find you in the SERPs. SEO experts will do an audit of your company’s site and content and implement strategies to ensure your site is fully optimized to strengthen its rankings in the SERPs and drive traffic to your site. 

Social Media 

It’s a social world, after all and we’re just living in it. By now you should know of the importance of your social media marketing strategy and how it is integral to your company’s presence on social channels, brand recognition and can even greatly influence customer conversions and your ROI. Marketing agencies have professionals ready to help you get your company’s social channels up to speed, helping you curate on-brand, engaging and effective content and media to help your brand stand out and attract your audience’s attention. These social channels include veterans like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and emerging ones like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Connecting to your audience via these platforms can be key to cultivating strong, profitable relationships with your customers

Content and Copywriting 

What are the conversations you need to be having with your audience and within your industry? How can you create content to enhance your company’s thought leadership and position within the market? Do you have a unique and strong brand voice to help your company stand out within the competition? These are the kinds of questions copywriters and content strategists at a marketing agency will help you answer. Marketing agencies are composed of masterful wordsmiths who are passionate about developing a powerful and unique brand voice for your company, and then bringing it to life across all channels of your business. From keyword-rich articles to address your audience’s pain points and boost SEO to engaging emails, web pages, landing pages,  newsletters, social media content and press releases, copywriting experts will help you get all of you written content up to speed to communicate the most effectively with your audience, 

Website Design 

The essential platform of your business, which can be likened to your website’s calling card is of course crucial to the overall success of your company. You can hire a marketing agency composed of expert web developers to design your website from scratch or bring it to the next level to ensure it is best serving your company. Website design services include graphic design, website interface development (UI) , HTML coding, the design of your site’s User Experience (UX), SEO (search engine optimization), etc. 

PPC Advertising 

PPC which stands for pay-per-click advertising can be an invaluable tool for your company to use to advertise your products and offerings. As part of the PPC model, companies pay publishers every time an advertisement link is clicked on, hence the concept of pay-per-click. Marketing agencies offer the services of professionals who are experts in PPC who will help you create advertisements on various search engines and social networks that are the most cost-efficient and effective for your company. 

Email Marketing 

Your email meeting is one of the most vital channels of your communication with your audience. You can hire a marketing agency to elevate your email marketing strategy and run various marketing campaigns to help you ensure you are delivering the right messages to the right sector of your audience. Email marketing services include the creation of email blast, newsletters, email automation, email A/B testing, etc.

Are you ready to see how a marketing agency can bolster your company’s growth and elevate your performance like never before? Reach out to the marketing experts (and enthusiasts! Seriously, marketing is our passion) at Firon to start a conversation about how we can address all your marketing needs and goals and ask for a complimentary audit.

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