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Website design mistakes

5 Common Website Design Mistakes

It’s no secret that if you want your business to be successful, having a strong online presence is critical in this day and age. A well-designed website is key to reaching new customers, building credibility, and nurturing client relationships. While you may hear a lot of opinions on what your website design should do, do […]
A Basic Guide to Getting Started on Kickstarter

A Basic Guide To Getting Started On Kickstarter

Ever wonder how entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and filmmakers find the money to bring their creative ideas to life? Gone are the days of submitting 100-page business plans to investors. The answer is crowdfunding.   Crowdfunding websites, like Kickstarter, have quickly become an essential avenue for projects to get off the ground. In fact, Kickstarter reports they […]

How To Write Great Website CTAs

As we know, not all content is created equal. But as we also like to say, ‘content is king,’ so it’s important to value and prioritize the messages you are delivering to your audience. It’s vital to determine exactly what type of copy will work best for your business and industry as well as resonate […]
Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Should You Use It For Your Business?

As a business owner, you are always looking for new avenues to bring more income into your business. One of our favorite, easy ways to bring income into your business is through affiliate marketing. You may have come across entrepreneurs all over the web lauding the praises of affiliate marketing, claiming they have acquired great […]
Product Copy

A Guide To Writing Strong And Effective Product Descriptions

In our world in which people now shop online more than ever before, the copy we use to exemplify our products and offerings is also more crucial than ever. Think about it. When a customer is looking to purchase a product online, they can’t physically go into a store to experience the product in person […]
5 Top Tips to Cultivate a Stronger Customer Experience

5 Top Tips To Cultivate A Stronger Customer Experience

We don’t need to stress to you how crucial your company’s customer experience is to the success of your business. As your customers are your direct line of revenue for your company, it is important that they are satisfied and that your content and offerings address and present a solution to their pain points. It […]
Better Content Writing

Top Tips to Create Effective Content Writing

Your copy and content are vital elements of your overall marketing strategy, serving as an essential vehicle of communication to your audience to deliver messaging, sell them on your products or offerings as well as reflect your distinctive brand voice and identity. The right copy and content can also help optimize your site and web […]
Google Analytics and Search Console

What’s The Difference Between Google Analytics And Search Console?

As a company or a brand with a digital presence, you most likely have heard of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. When it comes to tools you want to have in your arsenal to ensure your website is working at top performance in terms of user experience, SEO, marketing operations, etc., these are amongst […]
Google Shopping

What Is Google Shopping & Should You Sell Your Products On it?

Online shopping. Ah yes, the digital service that enables us to purchase virtually anything from the comfort of our own home in literally, our pajamas. Heck, the chances are you probably did some form of online shopping today or at the least, very recently.  Up until Google Shopping recently expanded its services, comparison shopping online […]
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