5 Advertising Platforms Other Than Google

If you’re using search engines for advertising, then you should know the different platforms besides Google that you could be using. Alternative platforms include Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and AdRroll.

Different Types of Ads

When you’re using digital marketing tools, advertising on the internet is of course a massive part of your marketing strategy. You are getting your brand name in front of your target audiences on a range of sites.

Display Ads

Display ads are essentially an online billboard. They run along the side, the top, or the bottom of a given website. You might find these on a site that sells products that are similar or related to the product being advertised, or on a site that’s completely unrelated simply because of the third party cookies a website is using. Banner ads can be moving or static, but are intended to catch a user quickly and give a short, easy message.

Video Ads

Video ads are super popular because they can be both visually and audibly appealing and engaging. Read more about video ads in our article about video marketing.

Native Ads

Native ads take the form of pop-up advertisements and automatic videos ads. The catch with native ads is that they look like they’re the same as what you’ve been looking at on the website. We mention social media later, but a good example of a native ad is a story ad on Instagram. You could be tapping through your friends’ stories and then see an interesting looking video, only to find when you check who posted it that it’s an advertisement. The idea of a native ad is that you’ll be engaged without realizing at first that it’s an ad.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are also really popular because there’s an increasing number of people who spend most of their internet surfing time on their mobile devices. Mobile advertising can include all of your standard ads, just made and targetted specifically for mobile users.

Other Search Engines to Advertise On

A great alternative to Google for advertising is other search engines!

Bing Ads

Bing is a cheaper alternative to Google ads. Similar to Google, you can pay to be sponsored content on the SERPs. You can also utilize tools such as Bing’s Keyword Research Tool.


When you advertise on Bing, you’ll also have the chance to be featured on Yahoo! since Bing is  behind most of Yahoo’s search function too.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is great because it can be low cost. There’s also the added benefit of having a social media account that may increase your visibility for free. Or at least show your potential customers that you are a real brand that pays attention to what consumers see about you on social media. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a huge advertising platform for many companies. With billions of users, you’re bound to find your niche audience waiting for you. Facebook also uses advanced algorithmic targeting to show your target audience relevant ads and give you different targeting options. It’s easy to manage ads campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager and get real time analytics.

Instagram Ads

Another massive ads platform, actually owned by Facebook now, is Instagram. A majority of the ads you see on Instagram will be through the story function, and as a post while someone is scrolling. Instagram is also the biggest hub of social media influencers, if you choose to use their services for reviews, promotional posts, video reveals, etc.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, while it is known for being completely professional, also rents space for advertisers. Because of it’s business related content, it’s a great space for B2B marketing or to promote events such as conferences.

Amazon Ads

Someone’s first thought about Amazon may not be advertising, but in fact they are a large advertising network too. There’s opportunity for banner ads and sponsored content there.

YouTube Ads

You may or may not know still that YouTube is one of the top search engines in the world. We didn’t list it under alternative search engines, because it’s also used for entertainment and self-promotion, like you may think of when looking at social media. Companies may put display ads on YouTube, but a lot will also use video ads naturally. A video ad on YouTube can be seen the beginning of a video, with or without a skip option, or in the middle.


AdRoll combines around 500 advertising platforms in one, to make marketing easier for businesses. AdRoll is known mostly for its remarketing, but its main function is to track users across the web to make sure they’re seeing your advertisements throughout their journey. Many eCommerce companies love using AdRoll.

If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts, for example raise your click through rates, and thinking alternatives to Google Adsense may be a good idea, but aren’t sure where to even start, we at Firon Marketing can help. Reach out to us now for a free marketing audit!