How To Use Keywords In Your Product Copy To Amplify Content And SEO Strategy

Product copy is an essential tool to directly sell your products and offerings to your customers. But writing engaging copy to capture the attention of your audience and appeal to their needs and pain points is only one part of the story. What good is well-written, eloquent, and captivating messaging and content if your audience cannot find your products and offerings?

This is where keywords come into play. Keywords are vital components of strong SEO. If you are looking how to up your product copy game through effective use of keywords, we have put together a helpful guide, offering everything you need to know about keywords in your product copy.


What Is a Keyword and Why Is It Important?

You’re probably familiar with the practice of inputting search terms into the search engines of various ecommerce platforms when you are looking for a certain product to purchase. Well, those words you are typing as search inquiries are in fact, keywords. A keyword can be considered a fundamental phrase that encompasses the subject of a piece of content or copy. A search term that your users and target audience might input to find one of your products, it is therefore, also composed of words or phrases you want your company to rank for — so your audience who is looking for those very words, can find them!

For example, let’s say you are a women’s fashion company, and you are advertising a collection of women’s loungewear on various ecommerce platforms. Keywords you may want to rank for would include “loungewear for women,” “women’s loungewear sets” and “sweatpants and sweatshirts for women” or even “lounging pajamas for women” — all the kinds of words you would expect potential customers to search for in the search engines to find those types of garments.

Keywords are crucial to effective product copy strategy because they help your company’s ranking for specific inquiries your audience is already looking for. As product copy communicates your products and offerings to your audience, it is a direct vehicle of revenues and profit for your business. And if your audience can find your products and offerings due to your use of strong keywords? Well, it means more sales and revenue for you.

How Do You Find Keywords?

Finding strong keywords that will ultimately serve your product copy well, depends on the platform you are writing copy for as well as selling your products on. For ecommerce platforms you may use directly on your site, like Shopify, for instance, your audience and prospective customers would be searching for terms in search engines like Google and Bing, and you would then want your products to show up in the search engines for those terms. You would want to become incredibly familiar with popular SEO applications like MOZ and SEMrush for example, which are both incredibly useful SEO tools to help you pinpoint effective keywords to use in your product copy on your website’s ecommerce platform.

Other ecommerce markets, like Amazon for example, are a completely different ballgame. You will need to gain a deeper understanding of the unique algorithms that the Amazon marketplace uses, as well as the ways in which customers search for products to purchase on its platform. Strong SEO strategy for Amazon ecommerce, much of the time involves creating product copy that is in direct compliance with the platform’s requirements — referring to how many words you are using in each field, correct labeling of your products, etc. This will also determine how you end up utilizing keywords and their placements within the fields of your product copy advertisements.

There are many applications on the market that specialize in SEO strategy for ecommerce platforms like Amazon. These will help you determine your list of keywords you will want to use in your product copy. You will want to zero in on the words whose search volume is high enough that people are actively and commonly searching for those terms in the ecommerce marketplaces, but is not excessively high that it’s too difficult to rank for them at all.

Another great technique to identify keywords to use in your product copy is by researching competitors in your product category and getting familiar with the kinds of language they use, and the terms they are commonly utilizing to describe their products. This will give your powerful insight into how the market promotes and positions products within that category.

A final way you can find strong keywords to use in your product copy is by looking more closely at your customers themselves. What better way to help you understand how your target audience views your products than by studying the language your existing customers are already using? You can read your customers’ reviews of your products, which will not only offer deep insight into potential keywords you can use to continue reaching your audience, but will also help you gain a stronger understanding of the voice your audience speaks in, and how they perceive your brand identity and company in general.

Speaking of brand identity and voice…

Don’t Forget About Your Brand Voice


While keywords are as we have explored, extremely important to your product copy strategy, a lot more goes into effectively written product copy. Like any content associated with your company or brand, you will want to make sure that your copy is on point in its messaging, as well as reflects your brand’s unique personality and voice. Strong keywords you want to rank for should work in conjunction with product copy that is consistent in its voice and tone with your other content, to help create a more identifiable and recognizable identity for your company, as well as help you build trust and loyalty with your audience.

To learn more about how to craft your company’s distinct brand voice, check out our article here.

Should You Add Keywords Before or After You Write Your Product Copy?

The answer to this is that it doesn’t matter if you add keywords in before or after writing product copy as long as they are there and being used properly. It is always important to take a content first approach when you are writing any copy associated with your brand or company. You will want to make sure that your copy is written in a way that sounds natural, organic and consistent with your brand identity. And in the case of product copy, your focus should be on crafting language that creates a compelling story of your products that will specifically resonate with your audience’s unique needs, pain points and sensibilities.

Partner with Experts to Amp Up Product Copy Strategy

To develop a powerful product copy strategy that will ultimately serve you and your company well, you will want to build out a team of experts to help you fulfill your company’s vision and marketing objectives. Using professional copywriters who specialize in writing product copy, who also possess deep expertise in ecommerce platforms will help ensure you are utilizing effective product copy strategy in your ecommerce marketplaces. While many copywriters are also masterful keyword strategists, you may also consider hiring people who are experts specifically in SEO strategy for ecommerce platforms to ensure you are leveraging effective SEO techniques to help your company’s rankings.

To build a strong copy and content operation, you can choose to go the in-house route, hiring a team of full-time employees, outsource to an agency or take advantage of a strategic combination of both. Here at Firon, we offer a full suite to service all your marketing needs to skyrocket your company’s performance and growth. Reach out to us to find out more how we can help you attain your marketing goals.