How Often Should You Send Out An Email Blast?

We talk a lot about on our blog posts about the importance of strong content and carefully crafting the messages you send to your audience. And creating strong, savvy and attention-getting email subject lines and equally effective content in the body of the email is absolutely vital to the success of your email marketing campaigns. However, you can’t forget to consider the frequency of how often you send out promotional marketing emails to your audience as it too is an integral part of your marketing strategy. How often you send out email blasts will have a great impact on your engagement with your audience, as well as even influence revenues added to your bottom line.

Just as it is crucial to be able to determine a sweet spot for how often you should post to social media, figuring out the right balance of how often to send out marketing emails is also key to an engaged audience and higher conversion rates. So, what is an appropriate number of how often to send emails to your audience? How do you strike the right happy medium so as not to inundate your audience with an overwhelming amount of messages that will likely get lost in their mailbox, and ultimately serve little to no value or too little, or send too few and potentially miss out on vital opportunities for connection and engagement?

In today’s post, we will explore factors you should consider to help you achieve an effective frequency of sending promotional marketing emails to your audience.

Let’s take a look at some stats first.

We can deduce that sending emails out too often to your audience is definitely to your company’s detriment, and even a key factor in your audience unsubscribing from future emails. According to data compiled from MailChimp, 69% of email users unsubscribed from a business due to receiving too many emails!

What is the amount of emails other businesses tend to send their audience per month so you have a ballpark figure to keep up with? According to Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report, marketers deliver 2 to 3 mails a month to their audience. This range makes sense, since 61 percent of users actually prefer getting a promotional email sent out to them at least once a month according to a MarketingSherpa survey.

Important Factors to Consider in Determining the Right Frequency of Sending Email Blasts to Your Audience 

Your Type of Business and Products or Offerings 

Think about the type of business you have and the kind of products you offer to determine how often it makes sense to send out emails. Perhaps, you have a business that offers seasonal products like holiday-themed items. In that case, you would most likely amp up email blasts to your audience right before and during the holiday season and your audience would respond well to more frequent emails around that time too to stay up to date about potential deals, sales or events you have coming up. However, randomly sending a slew of holiday-themed emails to your subscribers in the dead of July probably won’t produce the same effect with high engagement rates. 

Know the Purpose of the Email 

Of course, you are not just sending out an email to your audience for the sake of digital noise, and every type of message you send should be carefully crafted with a specific purpose to ensure it yields effective engagement. Maybe, you are sending an email that’s part of a series, such as a welcome email series for new subscribers or an abandoned cart email series, so you already know exactly how many are going out and when. Or, let’s say the intention of your email is to motivate your audience to take a particular action such as making a purchase or completing a form-fill. Stats come into play here, again too. It turns out that email users respond with the highest engagement and highest CTR to the first email you send according to data taken from reports. So, get it right the first time and it is more likely then, that your audience will continue to respond well with subsequent emails. And this applies vice versa. Fail to convey your message in the first email clearly and you could have already lost subscribers and may experience a dip in engagement. 

Have a Deep Understanding of Your Audience

Knowing your audience deeply goes hand in hand with having a strong awareness of your type of business too. If your audience is composed of B2B executives as compared to consumers, you will most likely employ a very different level of frequency for how often you send out email blasts. For example if you offer a B2B tech solution and your audience is therefore, made up of B2B execs, you probably don’t need to send out emails as often and bombarding them with too many emails may even come off as a nuisance to such an audience who probably already have very full inboxes. However, if you offer a cosmetic product instead, and have loads of different deals and events you’re announcing around different products, your audience of makeup junkies probably won’t mind about finding out how they can get a discount on their favorite mascara, and then being reminded again the following week. 

Ask Your Subscribers Directly 

What is the best way of finding out a good frequency for sending out email blasts to your audience? Ask them their preferences directly! Maybe you can ask your audience upon their signing up for a newsletter, and can offer it as an option of a question they fill out then. This strategy puts the control in your audience’s hands, so they can agree to exactly how many emails they receive from you, and won’t encounter any potentially annoying surprises. An audience that feels in control of their engagement with your business will most likely lead to higher engagement rates and stronger trust with your company in general which is invaluable to your ultimate performance growth and success.

Still have questions about how to devise a killer email marketing strategy for your business? Speak to the experts at Firon Marketing, because digital marketing and all of its many facets are our passion in life. (No, seriously.) Ready to amp up engagement, CTR rates and conversion rates? Get in touch with us today for a free audit.