10 Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales

Getting your eCommerce store up and running is just the first step to launching a successful online business. After that, your number one priority needs to be developing a marketing strategy to get people ‘through the doors,’ so to speak. 

Optimizing your sales funnel to increase conversions might not be as challenging as you think. By making use of tried-and-true techniques that focus on enhancing your SEO, targeting existing customers, and updating your site’s UX, you could soon see the customers rolling in. 

Here are a few low-cost ideas to get you started: 

Utilize Paid Advertising 

Creating organic traffic channels to your site is likely your top priority. However, you shouldn’t discount the value of paid acquisition for getting people there too. You may be thinking that this is beyond your budget, but methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be implemented without breaking the bank. When done right, these can offer a massive ROI. 

Find Customers on Social Media

While search platforms provide a ready-made market of potential customers, don’t neglect other places people spend their time online. Social media ads can be another great way to draw attention to your site, seeking out people who don’t even know they’re looking for your products. Beyond that, social media has numerous tools that can help you organically display your products and develop unique sales campaigns. 

Build An Email List 

It goes without saying that visitors to your site are already interested in your products. While they may only be looking to purchase a single item this time, that’s not to say they won’t be willing to consider coming back for more at a later date. Incentivize customers to input their email in various ways throughout your site, and you’ve got a perfect audience for future marketing emails that encourage them to shop again. 

Collaborate With Content Creators 

In saturated markets, businesses need ever-more inventive methods to capture consumer attention but might not have the skills or the time to dedicate to this. Influencer marketing is an increasingly-popular strategy whereby brands pair with talented individuals who already have an in with their target audience. Not only can this get them much-needed exposure, but trusted recommendations by those viewed as experts in their fields are worth their weight in gold to shoppers.  

Highlight Customer Interactions

Unlike store visits, where consumers can see the products and know exactly what they are getting, ordering online requires a fair bit of faith. Companies that work to elevate trust levels by, for instance, displaying customer reviews in prominent places, responding to all queries and comments, and providing easy access to customer services (live chat works best) usually fare far better in the conversion stakes than those that don’t do any of these. 

Induce Fear of Missing Out 

Urgency and scarcity tactics are well-known methods of encouraging potential customers to act now. In today’s fast-paced world, brands can quickly get forgotten by casual browsers, with others stepping up to offer them the same products when they are ready to buy. However, if you can get people thinking that either a product or offer won’t be available for long, then chances are better that they will make a move. 

Reengage Almost Customers 

One of the most significant issues in eCommerce is high cart abandonment rate. You may already know that only around 3% of first-time visitors to your site will actually go through with a purchase. If the reason is that they simply need a little time to think, retargeting ads can work wonders at encouraging them back. This form of paid acquisition that targets those who have come and gone from your store is ten times more effective than regular ads. 

Up Your Cross-Selling Tactics

While email marketing strategies can encourage customers to return at a later date, cross-selling strategies hit them while they are still right there in the store. Tailored recommendations based on the products they are considering are a great way to increase revenue. They also foster good feelings among your customers because you have made their purchasing experience more convenient and productive by drawing their attention to items they may never otherwise have seen. 

Optimize Your Store for Mobile 

Mobile shopping is a trend on the rise, and if your online store is not set up to handle that, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of potential sales. Faster-loading pages, more straightforward navigation, especially on smaller screens, minimized redirects, and optimized images should all be top priorities for today’s online eCommerce store. Modern consumers demand these things to make their shopping experience that much speedier and more effortless. 

Simplify The Checkout Process

Speaking of quick and effortless, around 87% of customers would abandon a cart during checkout if the process was too long or complicated. Encouraging people to register and input information to inform future marketing is one thing, but you need to provide alternative options, such as guest checkout, for those who aren’t keen on doing that; otherwise, you’ll just scare them away. It’s also advisable to offer multiple payment options for greater convenience. That way, customers are far more likely to go through with the sale. 

If you’re looking for support with developing your online store or tackling any one or a variety of the marketing methods listed above to drive more traffic to your online store, we can help. Firon Marketing are experts in all things digital marketing and, as such, can advise you on some of the very best ways to promote your store, stand out from the competition, and level up your communication with existing and future customers too.