Finding the Right Marketing Agency: This is Why We Started Firon

After working in various entrepreneurial pursuits over the years, I learned just how important marketing is to a company’s success. What I saw when I looked into marketing agencies at the time was disappointing, from a focus on single funnel verticals to a basic lack of communication. I knew I could bring my experience and a team of experts together to create a new style of business that would do more for clients.

Single Funnel Verticals

Like I mentioned, these digital marketing companies that I saw were only focusing on single funnel verticals. This means they were looking at email, PPC, or SEO only, not all together. In this model, each fight for attribution of the vertical (see our blog post on Marketing Attribution Models for more). They aren’t taking a holistic approach and focusing on the overall goal of the client or digital sales as a whole. That’s what we wanted to offer, all of the digital marketing components collaborating as one ecosystem. We share content across mediums, optimize everything together, and ultimately work to pull the lower performing verticals up as needed. Instead of an agency working for the goal of itself, we work for the goal of the client. A client’s success is our success, and that means looking at the honest truth of what’s working and what’s not with every aspect of the marketing strategy.

Unfair Pricing Models

These marketing companies I looked at typically used a CPA (cost per acquisition) model for pricing. This means that the client is charged a set amount for each customer they acquired for the client. As it became less and less expensive for the company to acquire a customer, the profit would grow. The client would not benefit from the company doing better or spending less to acquire a customer. For example, let’s say the client was paying $40 per customer gained and it cost $30 to acquire each customer to start. Then as the company got better at optimizing ads or whichever method they were focusing on, it lessened to $10 to acquire the customer. Their profit went from $10 to $30 per customer. The client didn’t share in the prosperity. Instead, we’re an outsource acting as an in-house agency. We charge a set amount for a total suite of services, which ends up costing the client what would be the price of 2 expert individuals and they get 6-10. We consistently give the client more than what they’re paying for, and are always letting them know the ways we are enhancing the tools we’re using and cutting costs on things like ad spend.


Some marketing agencies would take the assets and check in way later, without input from the client. We report constantly to increase that in-house feel and maintain the vision of the client. We communicate daily and have weekly check-ins. We bring insights that help the client iterate their offering and help us iterate ours. We’re all moving toward the common goal to increase digital sales, customer experience and retention. In the daily and weekly communication around content creation and more, we’re able to give our advice based on years of working with our specific tool. While each member of Firon has expert tips to help the client think outside of the box, we also recognize that the client knows who they are, and what they and their customers want the best. Our feedback loop becomes extremely valuable to mix our digital marketing expertise with the client’s knowledge of their business. We love feedback, especially as we’re in the business of constantly improving.

The advantage of having a team of individuals who are experts in dedicated areas of digital marketing is that when algorithms and technology changes happen in the field, we’re on top of it. From Google and Social ads, email marketing techniques, and more, we’re able to adjust to whatever is going on. We’re also checking competition constantly to see latest trends and stay aggressive with our strategy. Bottom line is that we are honest. Not everything works, but doing the same thing over and over again (if it’s not working) or not trying something new will always lead to failure.


If you aren’t getting the holistic approach, fair pricing, communication or expertise that you feel your company deserves, reach out to us and we can make your marketing less stressful, more cost-efficient, and overall more effective.


Alexander Jordan
Alex has experience with digital customer acquisition in almost every industry.